"I'll need to check the source of these pulses. Remove the rest of your clothes and spread your legs."

From Create Your Own Story

Katie rolls onto her back so she can look at your face. Her eyes are wide. "You need me to... take off all my clothes?" she whispers fearfully.

You use your most soothing tone. "I don't think it's a big deal. But I would like to be absolutely sure. I love you very much and will do anything to help you."

Her face relaxes somewhat. "I love you too, bro." She removes her skirt and panties and spreads open her legs. Her body is just starting to flower. You position yourself between her legs.

"Is this where the... electricity... is coming from?" you ask in a soft voice, gently running a fingertip over her labia.

Her body shivers violently. "Y-yes," she squeaks.

You run two fingers along her slit, where her juices are now definitely leaking out. You place your thumb against her clit and with the most delicate of touches, circle it. "Does that make the pulses stronger or weaker?" you murmur.

Katie's body begins shaking uncontrollably. "S-stronger!" she half pants.

You replace your fingers with your tongue and lick up the juices that are now gushing from Katie's box. Her legs wrap around you instinctively as you lick her and tease her clit with a fingertip. She thrashes and her voice changes to a series of soft moans. Suddely she clamps her legs tightly around you and floods your face with her nectar. Her body goes limp as she untangles her legs from your head. She lies on the bed, spent and breathing in great gulps to reoxygenate her body.

When she's able to speak coherently, she whispers, "What just happened to me?"

You lie your body next to hers and wrap her small frame in your strong, loving embrace. "I gave you an orgasm, Katie," you husk, your lips softly nuzzling her neck. "You're very sweet, very beautiful, and I love you with all my heart."

Katie nestles herself more firmly against you. "That was wonderful. How can I return the favor?"

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