Tell Katie to give you a hand job

From Create Your Own Story

You quickly remove your own clothes. Katie's eyes lock onto your erection and she lets out a slight gasp. "I... didn't realize those were that big, when they... are stimulated," Katie whispers.

You give your youngest sister a smile. "Well, you are supposed to be studying biology. Go ahead and wrap your hand around it." Her small, soft hand feels wonderful. "Now move your hand up and down, gently." She complies, and her touch sends waves of pleasure pulsing through your body.

"I can... feel it throb," Katie murmurs. "Does that mean it's... getting more stimulated?"

"Yes," you moan quietly. You guide her other hand to your balls. "Use your fingertips... soft, slow motions. Keep stroking with your other hand."

"Like this?" Katie asks, speeding up her hand as you quiver under her touch.

"Exactly... like that..." you pant as your voice dissolves into a series of soft, gasping moans. Katie works your cock quite well, especially since it's her first time. In mere moments, you're ready to shoot. Katie instinctively senses this and aims your pole so that your jets of sperm fall back onto your body.

When you finally stop firing, Katie removes her hands. You lie still for a moment, trying to get breath back in your lungs. When you're able to speak, you purr, "That was wonderful, Katie."

"I'm glad," she responds. "I enjoyed what you did to me."

"Now, how about we get going on that studying?" you tell her. "We can do more... personal... biology experiments in the future."

Katie laughs. "Okay."

An hour later, you're both dressed and Katie seems to understand what her school books are talking about. "I'm always available to help you with your... biology lessons," you grin.

One week later, Katie wants another "personal study session" with you.

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