XBW Mayhem (Season 2)

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XBW Mayhem (Season 2)
Promotion XBW Wrestling
Season Season 2, Episode 10 (2004)
Venue Backyard
Location Maryland
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XBW Mayhem (Season 2)
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XBW Mayhem chronology
XBW Mayhem (Season 2)
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XBW Mayhem (Season 2) was the second edition of the Mayhem backyard wrestling supercard event produced by XBW Wrestling (XBW), which occurred in a backyard residence in Maryland. This event went on to be the only presentation that feature XBW stars wrestling on a trampoline as opposed to the floor or a mattress.

The main event was between Deathwarrent and War competing in for the XBW Championship




Other on-screen talent
Role: Name:
Commentator Deathwarrent (Out of character)
Reilly Davidson (Out of character)
Referee The Icon (Out of character)
Chris Phoenix (Out of character)



# Results Stipulations Notes Times
1 Chris Phoenix defeated War
2 Falls Match for XBW Maryland Championship and XBW Championship
Order of Falls
  • Chris Phoenix executes The Flight of the Phoenix before pinning War to win XBW Maryland Championship
  • War hits the Swanton City before pinning Chris Phoenix to win the XBW Championship
2 Deathwarrent defeated The Icon, The Reaper, and Tommy Gunn
Nemesis Memorial Cup Fatal Four Way Elimination match
Order of Elimination
  • The Reaper eliminates Tommy Gunn
  • The Icon eliminates The Reaper
  • Deathwarrent eliminates The Icon to win the match.

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