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Blood, Sweat, and Egos is an upcoming 2010 backyard wrestling documentary to be distributed by Retribution Productions focusing on XBW Wrestling. The documentary will be based on the death of Nemesis, the successes in XBW, operations behind-the-scenes, difficulties and animosity among XBW members. It will also feature the friends and relatives of the wrestlers regarding Nemesis and much of XBW in general and face-to-face closed doors sessions and much more. The film is scheduled for release sometime within the year.



XBW Wrestling began in the fall of 1999. As Season one concluded and the backyard wrestling establishment took an intermission on hiatus, a catastrophic bicycle accident claimed the life of the beloved owner himself, Nemesis. XBW proceeded despite the traumatic loss in commemoration to their leader. However, the road would not be a simplistic expedition as inside conflicts, politics, personal life holdbacks, and disassociations forced a problematic influence in the federation in which procrastinated operations and led to an eventual demise.


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