History of XBW Wrestling

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XBW Wrestling
Acronym XBW
Established 1999-present
Owner Deathwarrent
Style Athletic and technical wrestling
Wrestling base Mattress
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Formerly Xtreme Backyard Wrestling
External links XBW Wrestling Website

This is the history of XBW Wrestling (XBW), a defunct backyard wrestling federation.


Initiation as Xtreme Backyard Wrestling

With the overwhelming popularity of the Attitude Era which inspired backyard wrestling on a global scale, Xtreme Backyard Wrestling was founded by Nemesis, one of 6 other friends eventually came to be renowned as Reaper, The Icon, Deathwarrent, Tommy Gunn, Chris Phoenix and War, collectively known as the "XBW Originals". In consideration that backyard wrestling was a violent trend in that period, XBW had not strolled the path alternative federations were recklessly and death-defyingly taking, rather demonstrating verbal and physical attitude in a moderate way. They utilized a season operation for the progression of their federation without virtual publicity, implementing use of such shows as XBW Revolution and XBW Inferno in between supercards and carried out couple feuds before deciding to take a hiatus down in the season.

The Death of Nemesis

The death of Nemesis (Charles Michael Parrott) was a real-life crisis that occured on March 28, 2001 to Deathwarrent's brother, Nemesis during the late season 1 hiatus in XBW Wrestling. According to the Maryland Gazette news article:

"A 17-year-old boy riding his bicycle was killed Tuesday after being struck by three vehicles near a Glen Burnie intersection, county police said. Charles Michael Parrott of Glen Burnie was taken to North Arundel Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 8:38 p.m. Tuesday. Mr. Parrott was riding his bike south in the right-turn lane on Ritchie Highway when he approached the intersection of 8th Avenue about 8:10 p.m." - The Maryland Gazette

As a result of the Nemesis death, XBW became a sole dedication to him, commemorating him with the implementation of supercard, In Memory Of, where a Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal occurs to crown the correspond winner with the Nemesis Memorial Cup regarded as one of the federation's most prestigious prizes in the form of a trophy.

Jackass Championship Wrestling Angle

In 2003, to kickstart a fresh new beginning in XBW, coming off the heels of tragic events that claimed the life of Nemesis two previous years ago, JCW was ushered in at the conclusion of the first episodic broadcast of the season ever produced online by the federation namely Revolution, depicting Tommy Gunn in his character transformation to Reilly Davidson and defection to self-made investment and invasive movement, Jackass Championship Wrestling, plotting a hostile takeover and eradication of XBW.

The concept rather quickly began dying after XBW owner Deathwarrent had shortly clipped the momentum of JCW by unceremoniously stripping Reilly Davidson of the XBW Championship that was captured on the first episode when his preponderant clique abedded his victory against War. Following the incident, JCW was not seen as a group. Eventually, Davidson acquired Shawn Hartless to his services and after a victorious XBW Chmpionship match with War, Deathwarrent turned his back on XBW, defaulting his position immediately signed on to by War. Before JCW could seek to take forcible authority, XBW halted progress for a year, resulting in the end of the angle at alleged "chapter 11 bankruptcy" for JCW.

Change of Direction

XBW brought about a change in altering performers with more vibrant characters in its return in 2004, looking for direction in becoming a top backyard wrestling federation. They intensified storylines, switched more focused in tone and tooled cool concepts to draw more to its fanbase. With the JCW angle concluded, a feud was echoed off of it between Shawn Hartless and Tommy Gunn (alter ego to Reilly Davidson) which helped the launch the federation forward.

Championship Wrestling Federation (Entertainment) Invasion

One of the reasons for XBW's increasing success at the time was the invasion angle that saw a Frederick, Maryland-based federation, Championship Wrestling Federation (Entertainment) contend among XBW superstars at the second annual In Memory Of, participating in a Tag match which saw both teams in defense of their federations. This became another stroke of fortune the establishment needed to heighten their popularity. CWF had also returned for another match in an episode of XBW Revolution season 2, episode 18.

TWFX Invasion

During season 3, Total Wrestling Federation Xtreme was a federation known existing up in Minnesota and XBW had heard about them, disparagingly mentioning them in an early season XBW episode. On episode 22 Revolution, while Jesse James was in ownership after defeating War at the previous supercard, TWFX star Spardis arrives in Maryland to show up Jesse James, that in belief, he was the real deal before lashing out with an attack. From this point on, Spardis userped the XBW Championship in asserting himself and was hellbent to take down Jesse James at episode 24 Kings of Carnage but failed, leading to his trip back to Minnesota following a brief stay.

At episode 11 Mayhem, Jesse James preoccupied with attempting to regain his ownership of XBW that Deathwarrent researched to dispossess him of in an Ownership match. During the bout, Spardis made a shocking comeback to XBW once again assaulting Jesse James and costing him the match leaving way for a second encounter which Spardis had gotten disqualified in. No Fear also travelled down to Maryland to compete with Deathwarrent representing in a "Mr. XBW" vs. "Mr. TWFX" match.

XBW Wrestling

Due to virtual criticism around the federation name "Xtreme Backyard Wrestling" that was not quite precisely represented, XBW optionally decided to alter to XBW Wrestling, that remains a mark of the successful history filled with trials and tribulations along with great times.

Reemergence of JCW

End of XBW

XBW Reunion Show

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