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Shortly after BWA's Supershow Global Domination, Insaniac befriended CSW Wrestlers Jason Witzel and General Joe, prompting them that he may return to the MidWest to wrestle the likes of them. However, since the distances weren't in their favour. With the start of factions like DarkStar, CTK and the Radical Movement all at war amongst one another, Insaniac made a proposition that they start a faction to align people that weren't serious parts of this "war", shortly thereafter, Team Awesome was formed.


Former Members

  • AJ Rodz

-was booted after not taking the faction seriously...not so soon afterwards, Rodz became the bane of GBYWN after a stiff punt kick to the head of Witzel that almost ended Witzel's career.

  • Dylan Capdevila

-left Team Awesome for reasons unknown.


  • Various CSW Championships between Witzel and Joe


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