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A couple of months after BWA's 2nd anniversary General Joe joined Bridgeview Wrestling Association under the name Cotton Eye Joe. He has been wrestling with BWA for 3 years and has attended 3 of their anniversary shows such as BWA's 3rd Anniversary Show, BWA's 4th Anniversary Show:Global Domination where despite odds being heavily against him, he would win the closing Rumble of the show, and BWA's 5th Anniversary:Supercard of Destiny which was also their last where he faced King BW and Brock Obama in a triple threat where he lunge over the top ropes to land straight on the ground, but he was able to get up and finish the match in which King BW pinned Brock for the win.Day 2 of that event he tagged up with his long time tag partner Jason Witzel to face team X2X in a 2 on 2 tag match which they won, but their celebration was short lived as the X2X roster stormed the ring and attacked the duo. General Joe has also attended numerous BWA super shows and also attended DWA Evolution 3 in Rockford, IL and X2X Wrestlegasm 2 in St.Louis.


  • MWA Tag Team Champion



  • Cliffhanger DDT
  • YKA Mother Fucker


  • Stunner

Tag Team Finishers

  • 2012(Doomsday Device)

Entrance Music

Singles Entrance Theme

  • Joe Satirina - Crowd Chant

Tag Team Entrance Theme

  • Steve Via - Building the Church
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