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Prestige is a wrestling stable currently competing in every fed in the SCBYWA.
Ring name Prestige
Members Bull McBride
James Hall
Sean Van
Former Members Joshua Chilton (Current Manager)
Debut September 5, 2010



Prestige debuted at SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010. They first made their presence felt during the SCBYWA Tag Team Championship Match as the AZW consisting of Bull McBride and Malice interfered and helped the Power Trip retain their titles. Later in the afternoon, Malice, Sean Van, and Joshua Chilton would interfere in the 30 minute anything goes Ironman Match, helping Bull McBride defeat Sterling Silverman and win the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship. At this time, it was known that it was not a coincidence that they held every SCBYWA title. They were known as Prestige.

Fall 2010

The first chink in the armor was when Malice, fresh off of a grueling match, would lose his SCBYWA Internet Championship when Tk cashed in his title shot. Sterling Silverman helped interfere and helped Tk steal Malice's Internet Championship.

The second chink in the armor happened at SCBYWA WrestleFest II (2010) as Gimmick Infringement would defeat Sean Van and Joshua Chilton for the SCBYWA Tag Team Championships. Later in that afternoon, Malice would win the GBYWN World Hardcore Championship in Lightbulb Massacre 2 by defeating Asylum, Lil' White, and Rocman Da Pimp. Bull McBride would also retain his SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship in an Xtreme King of the Mountain Match after James Hall would help Bull win, becoming the newest member of Prestige.

Less Than a month later, the UWO would leave the SCBYWA. The President, Sean Van, would strip Gimmick Infringement of the Tag Team Titles and crown himself and Malice as the new champions.

NAX Luck of the Draw was a day that Prestige ran wild. Not only did James Hall defeat Tk to unify the NAX Heavyweight Championship and the SCBYWA Internet Championship but the stable also inherited Rocman Da Pimp as their "Bitch" for 30 days.

In wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Epic Win (Van)
    • Pounce (Hall)
    • Kick of Death (Malice)
    • Southern Discomfort (Bull)
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Come With Me" [Instrumental] by Puff Daddy

Championships and Accomplishments

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