Backstream Championship Wrestling

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Backstream Championship Wrestling
Acronym BCW
Established June 14th, 2006
Ceased September 5th, 2011 (suspected)
Style Sportsmanship style
Format Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Base
Location Alberta, Canada
External links BCWs website

Backstream Championship Wrestling (BCW) is a backyard wrestling federation located in Alberta, Canada which was formed by co-founders Commander D and Ear-Wax in June 2006. The origin of BCW follows the demise of Extreme Ameteur Wrestling (EAW), featuring many of the wrestlers who performed in that federation with the addition of newer talent. BCW has become the premire attraction and draws wrestlers in from all the other feds.




In the demise of Extreme Ameteur Wrestling (EAW), belief was such that wrestlers would bring their backyard wrestling tenures to an end as well. However, Commander D and Ear-Wax decided that backyard wrestling would live on and created Backstream Championship Wrestling.

Federation takes to a wide ring-sized black base and debuted pushing forward their first show presented as a small supercard entitled BCW: The Beginning, on which featured two matches culminating with two new champions, as Adam Young won a battle royal to become BCW International Championship and the tournament finals to crown the first BCW World Champion were contended as Commander D defeated Ryan Wilson.

BCW in its early years (2006) kept to itself and was pushed into a supershow with fellow BYW fed RCW or Rekless Championship Wrestling. The experience of show-on-show supercards made BCW more comfortable when BCW took on OCW and PWA in its later years (2008 onward). Each year the four heads of the feds get together and hold a big supershow the most recent being BCWs End Era which was contested over a unpresidented 4 days.

EAW/BCW Storylines

There have ben alot of storylines in EAW/BCW. Click here to have a look. EAW/BCW Storylines

Monthly Events

BCW supports a monthly show similar to that of a WWE monthly PPV.

Current Monthly Events

  • March - BCW Stairway to Glory
  • April - BCW April Fools Mayhem
  • May - EAW One night Stand
  • June- BCW Destiny Awaits
  • July - BCW Great Canadian Bash
  • August - BCW August Thunder
  • September - BCW Back to School Bash
  • October - BCW Hardcore Haven
  • November - BCW Survival Stand
  • December - BCW End Era

Discontinued Monthly Events

EAW SuperShow - February and December

BCW Resurrection - 2007 to 2009 - discontinued due to copyright issues

Current Champions

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event
BCW World Championship StingRay December 9, 2011 BCW End Era/Community Rumble III
BCW International Championship Killer K October 30, 2011 BCW Hardcore Haven 2011 Day 1
BCW Tag Team Championship Commander D and Fat Joe December 9, 2011 BCW End Era/Community Rumble III
BCW Cruiserweight Championship Dustin Tonsi August 24th, 2011 BCW Destiny Awaits 2011
BCW Hardcore Championship Sanyo September 4th, 2011 BCW The Annual Day 1

Defunct Championships

Championship Last Champion(s) Date Won Event
EAW World Championship Commander D April 1st, 2007 BCW April Fools Mayhem
EAW Canadian Championship El Xero June 21st, 2006 BCW vs. EAW:One More Time
EAW Tag Team Championship Commander D and Total Destruction September 25th, 2005 BCW WarFare
EAW Light-Heavyweight Championship Zamatros July 1st, 2006 EAW/BCW Great Canadain Bash
BCW Heavyweight Championship Commander D July 1st, 2011 BCW Great Canadian Bash VIII Day 2
XWF World Heavyweight Championship Zakk Carolina May 15th, 2008 EAW One Night Stand
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