Extreme Ameteur Wrestling

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Extreme Ametuer Wrestling
Acronym EAW
Established 2004
Closed 2006
Style Sportsmanship style
Format Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Base
Location Alberta, Canada
External links BCWs website

Extreme Ametuer Wrestling (EAW) is a defunct backyard wrestling federation formerly located in Alberta, Canada which was formed by co-founders Commander D and Ear-Wax and Total Destruction in June 2004. The fed had a amazing run from 2004 till its demise in 2006 only to be replaced by Backstream Championship Wrestling.




On a boring June 3rd in 2004 Commander D, total Destruction and Ear-Wax decided to create a wrestling fed for fun. They got five more wrestlers and decided to hold their fist show with the EAW World Championship and the EAW Tag Team Championship on the line. Commander D won the world title tournament and also won the tag titles with Total Destruction. The next show featured James Starr winning the EAW Canadian Championship and Ear-Wax winnig the EAW Light-Heavyweight Championhip. EAW was known throughtout the town and featured a few shows in front of big crowds. Due its small size EAW never competed along side the other feds that were in the area and kept to itself.

The Demise

2006 rolled in and EAW was expriencing growing pains and wreslters wanting to wrestle on a base rather than a mattress. Another reason was that wrestlers wanted a stationary location for its shows instead of running around town trying to find the arena. So, in June 2006 with 3 out of the 4 titles either unified or abandoned EAW closed its doors leaving the EAW World Title as the only piece of evidence that EAW existed. In 2007 the EAW World Title was unified with its counterpart thus ending Extreme Ametuer Wrestling. Shows are held at the original location in its memory and to show those that EAW will never go away.


Championship Last Champion(s) Date Won Event
EAW World Championship Commander D April 1st,2007 BCW April Fools Mayhem
EAW Canadian Championship El Xero June 21st, 2006 BCW vs. EAW:One More Time
EAW Tag Team Championship Commander D and Total Destruction September 25th,2005 BCW WarFare
EAW Light-Heavyweight Championship Zamatros July 1st,2006 EAW/BCW Great Canadain Bash
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