Commander D

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Commander D
Ring name Commander D
Height 5'11
Weight 172 lbs.
Born February 5, 1990 (age 20)
Resides Alberta, Canada
Debut 2004

Commander D (born February 5, 1990) is an Canadian backyard wrestler performing under Backstream Championship Wrestling. Commander D previously competed in Extreme Ametuer Wrestling which he owned becoming a 4-time EAW World Champion, a 1-time EAW Canadian Champion and a 2-time EAW Tag Team Champion.

He currently wrestles for Backstream Championship Wrestling which he now is the sole owner since 2008. He has made himself the main attraction for the fed becoming a 6-time BCW World Champion, and a 4-Time BCW Tag Team Champion but an unoffical 6 time champion. Commander D currently attends many supershows when he gets the chance and is very well known around the area he wrestles in.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Extreme Ameteur Wrestling (2004 - 2006)

In 2004 Commander D and Ear-Wax founded EAW after not getting accepted into any promotion. They held Promo shows once every couple of weeks till they got enough to start a roster. Commander D defeated Killer K in the finals of a tournament to become first EAW World Champion. He soon went into a feud with Killer K over the title and during that time he and total destruction defeated AC-Steel and Jason X to become first tag team champions.

In August at the August Thunder PPV, Commander D lost the title to Killer K ending his first reign as champion. Commander D continued to feud with Killer K over the title and soon was pushed out of his number #1 contenders spot. A tournament was held to determine the new #1 contender for that title and earlier in the night Commander D and Total Destruction lost the tag titles to Zamatros and Xander. But later on in the night Commander D defeated James Starr to become #1 contender for the world championship and in doing so he became the EAW Canadain Champion.

Commander D and Killer K were in a big feud heading into survival Stand in which General Manager, Lepps, made the match a 2 out of 3 falls match. The first match was a singles match, the second a Tables MAtch and last a ladder match. Commander D won the world title for the second time beating Killer K 2-1.

Injury, Management duties and return

Soon after winning he was thrown into another storyline with a new comer named Triple X, Triple X hand been undefeated and challenged Commander D to a world title match. At Last Judgment 2004 Commander D defeated Triple X to retain but this didnt stop Triple X. He soon began to beat on Commander D whenever he saw fit, from a walk in the parking lot to attacking him right after a match. This climaxed in January 2005 when Triple X defeated Commander D and broke his arm during the match. This forced Commander D out of action for a few months.

Commander D returned on an episode of BCW WarFare as Total Destructions mystery partner, they ended up winnng the match and soon after Commander D announced that the tag titles were to be abandoned or retired. He soon went off the radar once again to nurse his injured arm and work as being the owner of EAW. In early 2006 made is offical return to EAW in a match against K-Stevens for the world title, K-Stevens was stripped of the title following outside interference against Then-Champion King and King was able to compete due to the beating his was given after the match. Commander D embarked on his third title run and during this run he defeated the likes of Crusher, Triple X, K-Sevens and Alex Austin.

Decline of EAW

In mid-2006 King made his return from his beat down at the hands of the A-Squad and since he never got his rematch he went to commander d and proposed it. The two met at Resurrection and King pulled off the upset and defeating Commander D to become the second person to win the world title twice. As time went on EAW was having problem keeping itself afloat and in june 2006 the EAW World title went to BCW and the promotion known as EAW closed its doors forever.

World Title confliction and Undisputed Champion

Commander D continued his run to become champion once again. He went through ALex Austin, King and various others to challenge Legend Wreslter and Champion StingRay. At April Anarchy the two put on the best show in EAW World title history with Commander D coming out ontop and embarking on his fourth reign and final reign. Commander D soon won the BCW World Championship from long time rival Killer K to form the EAW/BCW Championship. The titles were not unified and on August 23rd Commander D defeated StingRay, Alex Austin, Killer K to become Undisputed Champion thus ending the EAW World title.

Backstream Championship Wrestling 2006 - Present

After the closure of EAW many superstar wanted to contine wrestling. Commander D along with Ear-Wax and Total Destruction created BCW. Commander D defeated K-Stevens to become first champion, a anme he knew too well. Many names from EAW joined up including rival Triple X. These two hatred for each other sparked again at Back to School 1 with Triple X becoming Champion. Commander D hung around the world title picture getting into matches with Triple X and Crusher who won the world title on his first show.

EAW World Championship and the BCW World Champion

Commander D defeated Crusher in a hardcore match and a walked out bloody and all the world champion. Commander D soon defeated Vetren StingRay to become EAW WOrld Champion to create the EAW/BCW Championship. Commander D held the title till may when Killer K defeated Commander D with a 24/7 rule that was inplied to get ratings higher in a parking lot to become EAW/BCW world champion. Commander D wasnt gonna let some 24/7 rule keep him from his world title. These two met on July 1st at the Great Canadain Bash for both EAW World title and BCW World title in an excellant match but not a unification match and once again Commander D walked out champion.

Undisputed Champion and RCW angle

In mid 2007 Commander D defeated Killer K, StingRay and Alex Austin to become Undisputed Champion of BCW and following the win RCW decided to take out BCW for good with RCW destroying BCW as the second RCW v. BCW show several RCW stars invaded BCW. Commander D took charge against RCWs Champion Erich Panzer. The before Commander D could take on Panzer he was put to the test in a 4 on 1 handicap match which he won thanks to Killer K, Alex Austin and King lending an assist to help him win the match. Commander D and Panzer met at Back To School Bash with the BCW Title on the line and Commander D won with a rollup. They met again at Hardcore Haven with Commander D winning. Finally at Survival Stand in a 5 on 5 survivor series match Erich Panzer was eliminated by Commander D and King thus ending the RCW Angle.

Ending Reign and various feuds

Commander D became at the mercy of 9 BCW superstar wanting a shot at the title. GM Lepps decided to hold a 10 man battle royal for the title which featured Alex Austin, Killer K, Ryan Wilson, K-Stevens, StingRay, Crusher, King, Xander Total Destruction and Commander D. Alex Austin pinned Commander D to win his first BCW title. Alex Austin and Commander D began feuding over the title and eventually it landed in a predicament where Alex Austin and Commander D were to be shared with 13 other superstars. This climaxed at BCW Stairway to Glory with Commander D walking out Champion yet again. Commander D held the title four three moths defending it against StingRay, Xander and Alex Austin again. Commander D reunited with King to reform D-Xtreme and win the tag titles from the Japanese Army making Commander D a double champion. Commander D was set to defend his world title at EAW One Night Stand against Alex Auatin and the winner would fae the XWF World Champion at the end of the night in a unification Match. Commander D defeated Alex Austin earlier in the night to retain and in the main event defeated XWF Champion Zakk Carolina to form the BCW Triple Crown title At BCW Resurrection that came to a halt when Eric Hinz shocked the whole world by winning the title in a Stairway for the Gold match ending Commander Ds fourth reign as Champion. Commander stayed under the radar for a while defending the BCW Tag Titles with King. Commadner D then entered the final BCW v. RCW show and won the RCW World title. Comamdner D defended the title against David White and Johnny Kayno before dropping it to Kayno in a last man standing match.

Commander D and King held onto the tag titles for much of 2008. But as 2008 was in its final months changes were going on in BCW. BCWs GM Ryan Tonsi made his One Owner-like Decision and stripped all BCW champions of their titles. The Tag titles werre given to Zach Kyser and Nick koncur. D-Xtreme challenged Zach and Nick to a Falls count anywhere tag team elimination match but came up short when Commander D was hit in the head with a steel chair from BCW Triple Crown Champion Ryan Tonsi. Commander D challenged John Varkin for the International title but came up short in the process. Commander d then lost the RCW World title to Johnny Kayno. At Survival Stand Commander D and his team defeated Ryan tonsi's team in a classic survival stand match, right after the match Crusher came out and Challenged Ryan Tonsi for the world title. Commander D© hit the Diamond Cutter followed by a Dominator by Crusher and counted the 1-2-3 and named Crusher BCW Triple Crown champion.

Commander D challenged Crusher for the World title but it was under Stairway to Glory rules and such he had to contend with 8 other superstars. Commander D made it to the ladder match portion but Crusher still retained. Commander D challenged Crusher again but this time in a fatal 4 way and was unable to regain the gold. Commander D entered into the PWA Semi-Pro Tournament making it to the final and facing fellow BCW wrestler Eric Hinz. The match ended in a no-contest, a first for the tournament. And it is unlikely PWA will make a rematch.

Commander D made his 2009 debut with a win over Alex Austin. Commander D soon found out that RCW,OCW and PWA made up a coalition to regain the titles that they lost since BCW held at least one of each of the feds titles. Commander D teamed up with Crusher to face NightFall and Scotty Mac. CD and Crusher pulled off the victory. The coalition angle went on for a little while before subsiding. Afterward, Commadner D challenged for the World Title once again and unfortunately it was a Stairway to Glory and he had to face 14 other wrestlers, the most ever for that match. Crusher somehow pulled off the win and retained his title. Commander D and Crusher faced numerous times for the BCW World title but Crusher retained each time.

World Title contender

Commander D decided to take a break from Crusher and decided to focus on getting the BCW Tag Team titles back, which at the time are unified with the OCW and RCW tag titles. Commander D and King entere the Resurrection tag tournament and won, awarding them the right to face Fat Joe and Zakk at any show they choose. Comamdner D and King defeated Fat joe and Zakk to become tag team champions for the second time and later on that show King defeated Crusher to become BCW orld Champion. The two met at The Great Canadian Bash 2009 in a Tables, Ladders and Fluroescent Tubes Match but that match went to a no contest and King retained.

World Championship #5

Commander D made it clear to King that he better pick either himself or Johnny Smith at Back To School Bash 4 to defend the title against. King decided to face both in a three-way dance and Commander D won his record fifth BCW World title following a Diamond Cutter from a ladder. In whoch now Commander D holds two world titles and a tag title with King. With another world title in the bag Commander D held three titles for the first time in his career, CD who recently won the resurrected XZW title over Alex Matthews preceeded to do his best. CD eventually found himself a challenger in Alex Austin who feuded with CD over the title until november when Austin defeated Commander D to capture his second world title.

Feud with Eric Hinz

Commander D recently has engaged in a feud with OCW World Champion and fellow wrestler Eric Hinz. Commander D who dropkicked Eric from the ladder at Stairway To Glory cost Eric his shot at the title and the match was eventually won by Austin who retained. Eric who told everyone he was screwed out the title and attacked CD in a match with Alex Matthews. Commander D successfully defended his XZW Title against Eric at April Fools Mayhem 2010. During a tag team match Eric cost Commander D and King the BCW Tag Team Championship to Kai and lan furthering the rivalry. In response Commander D cost Eric a #1 contenders match against StingRay, after the match the went at it taking it to the streets until Eric gave CD a Okanagan Driver onto the trunk of a car. The next show Eric stole a match from Commander D after Adam entered the match and gave Commander D an AKO giving Eric the win. The two wrestlers would later put both their respective titles, CDs XZW Title and Eric's OCW Title while at the same time putting both their careers on the line as well. At BCW Great Canadian Bash 2010 CD defeated Eric in an almost 50 mins. match by using the Omega Driver for the win. After the match CD called Eric baack in the ring and reinstated him saying "its people like you that we need" and he gave him his OCW title match and the two shook hands.

Puruit Of The Heavyweight Championship and 2nd Undisputed Champion

Commander D took his World Championship pursuits towards the newly created BCW Heavyweight Championship. Commander D challenged champion and longtime friend Eric Hinz to a match under sudden notice Eric Hinz accepted and lost the title to Commander D. Eric didn't not bother accepting his rematch clause and went onto the World title. Commander D then was challenged by Adam Young who was the International Champion. Commander D lost the BCW Heavyweight Championship to Adam Young in a title vs title match. Commander D then took part in the Stairway To Glory Match for a match at the Great Canadian Bash, the match was won by Adam Young who earlier in the night lost his Heavyweight Title to Fat Joe. CDs rematch clause with Adam was switched to Fat Joe and the two met at Destiny Awaits with Commander D walking out champion. The decision was made that there would be a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Unification Match between Fat Joe, Adam Young, BCW World Champion Eric Hinz and BCW Heavyweight Champion Commander D. Commander D won the match after eliminating Eric Hinz.

Other Wrestling Appearences


Commander D has taken aprt in all three BCW v. RCW supershows. The first show Commadner D defeated El Loco on route for BCW winning the show 3-2. The second show, Commander D took on RCW World Champion Erich Panzer, but lost. The match was voted BCW "Dream Match of the Year" and BCW lost the show 4-1. The final Show Comamnder D challenged for the RCW World Championship again and this time faced off against David White. Commander D pulled off the unbelieveable win and BCW won the show 4-3.


Commander D has only been to PWA once and it was to take part in there Semi-Pro tournament with the winner getting a PWA World Championship Match. Commander D defeated Garbage and Brandon Roberts respectfully to advance to the finals when he met Eric Hinz. Th wreslters both but on an amazing match but the match ended via a no contest and no winner was crown. PWA has stated it will not have a rematch for the PWA Tournament Crown anytime in the future.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and moves
    • Diamond Cutter
    • Hang Time (Frog Splash)
    • Commando Lock [Sharpshooter]
    • Brainbuster
    • Double Arm DDT
    • G.B.H (Go Back Home) (Sit out chokeSlam)
    • X-PLEX (Cross-arm German suplex)
    • Dragon Suplex Pin
    • Superkick
    • Rolling German Suplex
    • Running neckbreaker
    • Guillotine leg drop
    • Mutiple kicks X3
    • Elbow Drop
    • Northern Lights DDT
  • Entrance themes
    • "My Time" - Chris Warren Band [2004-2006]
    • "My Time Remix" - Chris Warren Band [2006 - 2008] [2009 -Present]
    • "Whatever" - Our Lady Peace [Used as a tribute to Chris Benoit] [used only at Stairway To Glory]
    • "1967" - Dale Oliver [Current] - Tag Team theme
    • "Woke up this morning" by Nickelback [2008 - 2009]
    • "Crystal Ball" by Styx (2011, used on at The Great Canadian Bash Day 3)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Other Titles and Awards
    • RCW World Champion (1)
    • XWF Heavyweight Champion (last) 3
    • XZW United Heavyweight Champion (1) (Current)
    • OCW Champion

1 - The BCW Tag Titles are currently unified with the RCW and OCW tag titles. BCW recognized the undisputed Tag titles as one title only to BCW.

2 - King surrendered his tag title due to injury, TD took his place for a short time. King eventually won his spot back and even though Commander Ds reign is continuous King is awarded another title reign making Commander D a 4 time tag champion. BCW only recognizes Commander D as a 4 time champion due to the fact he held onto the title while holding onto the titles with King the first time and total destruction.

3 - Unified the title to form the BCW Triple Crown Champion at EAW One Night Stand 2008

4 - Unified the championship with the BCW World Championship at The Great Canadian Bash 2011 Day 3


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