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Christmas Kaos is a backyard wrestling supercard event from X-treme Championship Wrestling held from 2001-2004, 2008, and will be revived one last time in 2010. It is held in the month of December. It is billed as the anniversary of xCw because the first event in xCw history was Christmas Kaos I. The first three Christmas Kaos events were held in consecutive years, but come the beginning of 2004 xCw's events became a lot more spaced out.



Christmas Kaos I took place on Dec 21, 2001 from the xCw Arena in Heathridge, Western Australia.


Christmas Kaos II took place on Jan 6, 2003 from the xCw Arena in Heathridge, Western Australia.


Christmas Kaos III took place in December 2003 from the xCw Staple Center in Connolly, Western Australia.

  • Olly Fairplay (Head Referee) defeated Daniel Bonner (Junior Referee) with a stunner to keep the Head referee job of xCw.
    • Fairplay pinned Bonner.
    • Kola Bear was the special guest referee.
  • Just Mike Vs. Lance Lightning went to a no contest after Just Mike attacked Lance backstage and took him out before the match could begin.
  • Jonny V defeated Owner AJ Orlando in a Chain Match with the V-Time Frogsplash.
    • Jonny V pinned AJ.
    • After the match, AJ turned on Stacey for seemingly costing him the match.
  • Defuzer and Tazer in an Ironman Match for the xCw Undisputed Heavyweight Championship went to a draw after they only had 2 wins a piece at the expiration of the 30 minute time limit.
    • Owner Blade Shaw (AJ Orlando) decided against overtime to continue his heel turn.


Christmas Kaos IV took place in Jan 2008 from the xCw Staple Center in Connolly, Western Australia.

  • Tazer defeated Owner Blade Shaw via school boy rollup.
    • Tazer pinned Blade.


Christmas Kaos V took place on the 21st of December 2010 and was billed as the last ever xCw show.

  • attendance: 36
  • Tazer defeated Nik Arial in a Tables of Hell match with a powerbomb through a flaming table.
    • Tazer put Arial through the 3rd table to win the match.

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