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XCW Tag Team Championship
Current champion(s) Just Mike/Simply Scott - (Team Canada)
Date won December, 2007
Promotion X-treme Championship Wrestling
Date introduced 2003
Most reigns Team OJ, Tazer & Lance, Vorny 2 Horny & Chris 'The Horseman' Rowe & (Team Canada) (1)
First champions O Factor & AJ Orlando, Team OJ
Longest reign (Team Canada)
Shortest reign Team OJ

The xCw Tag Team Championship is a backyard wrestling primary championship in X-treme Championship Wrestling (xCw). It is recognized for being the highest-ranked tag team title in the federation.


The xCw Tag Team Championship was introduced at xCw Betrayal 2003, in a match which was won by Team OJ over the team of Tazer & Homicide. Team OJ lost the titles 3 months later to Tazer and Lance Lightning. Tazer and Lance then held the tag team titles till 2005 when Vorny 2 Horny & Chris 'The Horseman' Rowe won them. They held the titles till 2007 where (Team Canada) won the tag titles in controversial fashion. They held the xCw tag team titles for a while, but during a match against The Stable, Nik Arial filled in for a missing Simply Scott. Arial won the match for the team and proceeded to claim one half of the titles as his. This lead to a dispute between Team Canada and Arial which was resolved in mid 2010 when Just Mike won the belt back for Simply Scott in a singles match.

Championship holders

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The current champions are (Team Canada), who are in their first reign. They won the title by defeating Vorny 2 Horny & Chris 'The Horseman' Rowe in a tag team match at Christmas Kaos IV in December 2007 at the xCw Staple Center in Mt Lawley, Western Australia. Throughout 7 years of it's existence, there have been 4 different champions. Team OJ began as the inaugural champions in 2003 during the inaugural title match. Team Canada has reigned with the championship for the longest period of time for 2.5 years and Team OJ holds the shortest reign at 3 months. Every team who has won the belts have only won it once.

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