Mike Delcanho

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Mike Delcanho
Ring name Mike Delcanho
Height 5'7
Weight 165lb
Born Melbourne, Australia
Resides Perth, Australia
Debut 2010

Mike Delcanho is an Australian backyard wrestler performing for Inner City Wrestling Syndicate. Delcanho is the current ICWS Hardcore Champion.

In wrestling

  • Finishing & signature moves
  • Rolling Cutter
  • Cloverleaf
  • Jumping heel kick
  • Bridging grounded cobra clutch
  • Spinning fireman's carry facebreaker
  • Michinoku Driver II
  • Muta Lock
  • Running double knees
  • Small package
  • Northern lights suplex
  • Entrance Themes
  • "Reject Yourself" by Killswitch Engage (February 2010 - May 2010)
  • "Pleasure and Pain" by Bullet For My Valentine. (May 2010 - present)

Championships and accomplishments

Pro Wrestling

Delcanho plans of going professional in March 2011, for the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance.

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