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Ring name Leed
Height 5 Foot 1
Weight 103lbs
Born October 17, 1996
Resides Mobile, Alabama
Debut 2007
Retired 2009

Leed (Born October 17, 1996) Is A Backyard Wrestler Currently Performing For Federation Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation He Is Best Known For His Feud With Lil A. He Made His Backyard Wrestling Debut In 2007 Along With Speed And Phantom. He Is A Former 2 Time THWF World Heavyweight F'N Champion


Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation (2007 - 2009)

Leed made his debut in september 2007 losing to Lil A he wouldnt have much success in THWF altho going for the THWF Tag titles numerous times on January 11, 2008 he would win his first backyard wrestling championship the x division title defeating fake-out for it. he would go to win the tag titles twice before being stripped of his x division title. He would cash in a shot at the THWF title he won at backyard bash 1 winning the title and becoming one of the youngest backyard wrestling world champions. He would have his title vacated due to the "THWF Virus" but the next day would win his second world championship at king of the hood against Lil A he would keep it until september and would join R.W.O afterwards. He would go to win the us title and tag titles before being stripped of the tag titles and lose his us title. after getting a shot at the world title and losing he would win his second us title at backyard bash 2 against lil a he defended successfully against Markcho Madness at royal demis. He would go one to having his title vacated only to win it back at US Brawl then winning the Tag titles with Speed, but the tag titles were vacated and Leed would lose his title to Avenger the next night. He was released by THWF on September 26, 2009

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Knee Break - Codebreaker
    • Leedbreaker (innovated)
    • CarSplash
    • Mali Wak
    • DDT
    • CannonBall Moonsault
    • Tornado DDT
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Dick Pleaser" - By Lil Wayne

Championship And Accomplishments

Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation

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