Lil A

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Lil A
Ring name Lil A
Height 5 Foot 10
Weight 194lbs
Born November 24, 1992 (Age 16)
Resides Mobile, Alabama
Debut 1999

Lil A (Born November 24th 1992) Is A Backyard Wrestler Currently Performing For Federation Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation He Is Best Known For His Feud With Speed. He Made His Backyard Wrestling Debut In 1999 Wrestling For His Older Brother In A Unknown Federation. He Made His THWF Debut In 2007 Turning Heel And Attacking Fake-Out And J-Dawg He Is A 4 Time THWF World Champion And Does Voice Over Work As Commentator "Lj" Lamar Jones.


His Career In Backyard Wrestling

Early Career

When he was 6 years old he begged his older brother to let him compete for his unknown federation..After being reluctant to do so. He allowed it he would often wrestle his best friend Nick Tuggle. and in 2004 met Kevin Greer they wrestled often then. Lil A formed a federation with his friends..he said they had alot of fun.

Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation (2007-Present)

Lil A made his debut in THWF as a cameraman..however he turned heel and became a active competitor in july 07. He was one of five people to compete in the ring wars 2007 and last eliminating Marine Soldier to become THWF World Heavyweight FN Champion. he would defend his title against Jeff-r-e at mayhem in mobile 2007 before losing his title to Speed. There feud would go on to trailor hood terror 2007 when Speed defeated him. meanwhile he was tag champion with Jeff-r-e they lost their titles to Speed and Rattlesnake Kevin. At holiday horror he was the final two along with Jeff-r-e to determine the new THWF champion. After Jeff-r-e hit the tupac on Lil A. Jeff-r-e would become the champion and Lil A would take a break. He returned to win the chaos rumble and the THWF title on February 25th 2008. He would go on to win the tag titles with Speed at no survival. They would face in a i quit match with Lil A retaining the World title and winning the THWF us title he would lose the us title the next night and would lose the world title at royal demis against Speed. the next night he helped Leed become world champion and would lose to Leed at king of the hood after winning the x division title he would go to challenge Leed for the world title and actually win it at us brawl. turning heel again and would defeat Speed at night of champions and at mayhem in mobile. He would go to survive a fatal four way and his feud with Speed would come to a end when Speed defeated him for the world title in a ladder match. he would go to defeat Skull Ninja for the us title at apocalypse and came close to winning the 2009 chaos rumble. but lost to Big Boi he would lose his us title at backyard bash 2. and turned face by helping Fake-Out after Golem was attacking him..he would lose at royal demis but recently won the money in the bank he would defeat Speed and win the US Title back the same night. But would lose it at US Brawl he recently formed a team with Alfred Russell

Association With CWF

Lil A recently has made several appearances on CWF helping Alfred Russell win his match against Rock N Roll Machine they recently made a alliance named The Honest Men Featuring "Sonic" Steven Woods, Matt Taylor, And Alfred Russel. He entered a breif feud with Simon Carter defeating him at Experation Date.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Drive By - Twist Of Fate
    • A.K.O - TKO
    • Lil A Leg sweep - Russian Leg sweep
    • Figure Four Leglock
    • German Suplex
    • F-5
    • Olympic Slam
    • Half nelson choke with bodyscissors
    • Sharpshooter
    • Fist Drop
    • Cripple Crossface
    • Rolling Cutter
  • Nicknames
    • The Greatest In THWF History
    • The Man Who Is Better Then You
  • Quotes
    • "Don't you wish you were me?!...Yes You Do!"
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Don't you wish you were me?" by Chris Jericho

Championships And Accomplishments

Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation

Championship Wrestling Federation

Extreme Wrestling Federation (Alabama)

    • EWF World Heavyweight Championship (1 Time)
    • EWF World Tag Team Championship (1 Time) With Speed (First)

Trailer Park Wrestling

    • TPW Hardcore Championship (1 Time) (First)

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