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Ring name Speed
Height 5 Foot 11
Weight 131lbs
Born May 21st 1993 (Age 16)
Resides Mobile, Alabama
Debut 2007

Speed (Born May 21st 1993) Is A Backyard Wrestler Currently Performing For Federation Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation He Is Best Known For His Feud With Lil A. He Made His Backyard Wrestling Debut In 2007 And Is A Record Breaking 5 Time THWF World Heavyweight F'N Champion.


Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation (2007 - Present)

Frank Murry A.K.A Speed Met Andrew Hanson And They Started Talking About Wrestling That Same Day They Filmed A World Title Match Lil A VS Speed In Which Speed Won..Making Speed With The Exception Of Marine Soldier The Only One In THWF To Win The THWF Title On Their Debut He Would Go On To Defend Against Lil A At Trailor Hood Terror 2007 In Which He Won He Would Go On To Lose The THWF Title At Holiday Horror 2007 In A Fatal Four Way Involving Rattlesnake Kevin, Lil A, And The Winner. Jeff-r-e. Speed Would Turn Heel And Begin In A Feud With Jeff-r-e Heading Into Apocalypse Jeff-r-e Would Win And Speed Would Come Close To Winning The Chaos Rumble But Would Lose To Lil A He Would Lose To Lil A At Backyard Bash 1 Before Winning His Fourth THWF Title At Royal Demis 2008 Only To Lose It The Next Day To Leed. After Winning The X Division Championship He Would Lose To Leed At Super Fight! 2008 He Would Engage In Another Feud With Lil A After Losing To Lil A At Night Of Champions, Mayhem In Mobile, And Trailor Hood Terror He Would Win His Fifth THWF Title In The First THWF Ladder Match He Would Go on To Defend Successfully Against Leed At Apocalypse, And Big Boi At Chaos Rumble And Would Engage In A Feud With Rattlesnake Kevin At Backyard Bash 2 He Would Retain His THWF Title After A Roll Up Against Kevin. After beating Damien twice he would lose his title on THWF-Tv.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Speed Cutter - R.K.O
    • Speedton Bomb - Swanton Bomb
    • Frogsplash
    • Anaconda Vice
    • Combination Kicks
    • Leg drop
    • Cannonball Splash
    • Diving Clothesline
    • Van Daminator
    • Side Effect
  • Quotes
    • "Do Man!"
  • Entrance Theme
    • "Ground Zero" By Lil Wayne Feat. Tyga
    • "Prom Queen" By Lil Wayne

Championships And Accomplishments

Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation

Extreme Wrestling Federation (Alabama)

    • EWF World Heavyweight Championship (1 Time)
    • EWF Extreme Intercontinental Championship (1 Time)
    • EWF World Tag Team Championship (1 Time) With Lil A

Trailer Park Wrestling

    • TPW Tag Team Championships (1 Time) With Phantom (First)

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