James "Grimm" Blackwell

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James Blackwell was born James E. Hamilton III on June, 13, 1989 to James K. Hamilton and Charlotte L. Hamilton. Born into a less than wealthy family, James spent most of his life either being picked on and teased or just getting beat up. When he turned 14 his parents separated and he continued to live with his father. At 16, he decided to follow his dream to become a wrestler and started training with Indie Wrestler John Moore who performed as Mark Savior and El Fandango and who also ran an Indie Fed called EWE. After his relationship with EWE went south he abandoned wrestling for awhile and tried to live his life without it.... that attempt failed. He was contacted in June 2008 by HTR Underground co owner "Big Daddy" Paul Steel about joining HTR and performing for them at their September show Vindication. Blackwell walked away with the stolen HTR Title and left the Champion Erich Angel laying motionless in mid-ring. HTR would not tape again until March 2009, however during this time period James went back to EWE and tried to go Indie again. After dealing with all the politics of Indie Feds, he had almost lost his taste for wrestling altogether. In March 2009 he went to do what he had planned to be his one final match at First Blood 09. The Title Tournament reignited his passion for the business and went on to take over HTR in April 2009 after Common Grounds. Blackwell now runs Underground Wrestling Entertainment and is continuing to chase his dream while helping others along the way.

Title History

HTR Champion- March 2009-April 2009 UWE Champion- April 2009-Present


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