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HTR was founded by "The Promise" Sean Steel and "Big Daddy" Paul Steel in early 2007. Both had previously worked for UDW (Ultimate Desire Wrestling) and had come together to start their own Backyard Wrestling Federation. When HTR started it had a very small Roster, excluding the owners the Roster consisted of Erich Angel, Andrew Idol, Darryl Drennan, Vic Venom, El Chupacabre, Lustkill, Warlocke, and Jester Sixx. Originally HTR was going to be an Indie Fed, but due to lack of funding they settled for being Backyard. After an entire year of getting nothing more than compilations done, they taped their first show on July, 17, 2008. They called that show First Blood. When they realized they needed better talent they called upon former Indie Wrestlers James "Grimm" Blackwell and Reaper. On September, 6, 2008 HTR held Vindication, and on that day Blackwell stole the title from Champion Erich Angel and left him injured beyond return... no one has heard from Angel to this day. Seven Months Later on March, 21, 2009 HTR held the 2nd Annual First Blood. That show had alot of great matches including a Title Tournament to decide the new HTR World Heavyweight Championship Title Holder. That tournament ended in an exciting match between "The Promise" Sean Steel and James "Grimm" Blackwell which Blackwell won making him the Official HTR Champion. One Month Later at Common Grounds Blackwell and Steel put on one hell of an Iron Man Match which has still not been seen by the public due to file formatting errors when uploading the videos. These problems were later covered up with a storyline of Drennan stealing the tapes.

Final HTR Roster


James Blackwell took over HTR and transformed it into Underground Wrestling Entertainment.

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