"Wildfire" Cody Douglas

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The backyard wrestler known as "Wildfire" was born Cody Briesemeister in a small town in Wisconsin. Briesemeister had grown up watching wrestling and had the desire and passion to become what he seen on the television. He finally got his break into the business when he had joined the indie federation known as EWE (Extreme Wrestling Entertainment). There, he had a chance to work with a long time friend James "Grimm" Blackwell. Shortly after he had joined the roster, EWE went south leaving Briesemeister without any wrestling affiliations. After this happened, Briesemeister and Blackwell had lost touch and so they went on their own paths to find work in the industry. Late 2008, Blackwell had contacted Briesemeister and informed him of yet another project he was working with in HTR Underground. Briesemeister did not get actively involved with HTR until April 2009. As fate would have it, HTR fell apart when the founding members of HTR had decided to quit leaving their organization in the dust as well. At this point in Briesemeister's career, he felt that it just wasn't going to work for him, and almost lost interest in wrestling all together. He was approached by Blackwell and had an enlightening conversation about taking what was buried and making something out of it. Blessed with the chance to do what he was so passionate about, and continue to work with a long time friend in Blackwell, he had decided that he couldn't turn down Blackwell's offer and he went to establish what is now known as UWE (Underground Wrestling Entertainment). With a few failed attempts under his belt, Briesemeister decided to finally make something work with the help of the other founding members of UWE. This young man, has what it takes and is still learning in the process. Now, with UWE up and running, "Wildfire" plans to take on any challenge, put his body in danger, and make his mark wherever and however he pleases.

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