Yevgeniy Romanovich Subikoff

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It is a joke often told in other systems that the Russians inhabiting New Iowa truly are the New Vladivostokians. This is to indicate that in the USSR, New Iowa’s five Soviet states are utterly provincial backwaters, about as far from the action as they can get. Nevertheless, after settlement by force in 2212, the Russians have left a fleet of considerable size in-system, and seem bent on using it to maintain military supremacy. With such a small population on the planet, and such a massive fleet to service, almost every Soviet citizen on New Iowa is somehow engaged in fleet support, the vast majority in the industrial sector and as actual service personnel. Yevgeniy Romanovich is a man who contradicts almost every stereotype of the Soviet Galaxy’s backcountry.

Backwater Beginnings

Born to unremarkable parents who both worked in the Sukhoi-4 arms factory in Kalishnikov, Yevgeniy seemed destined to be picked up by the same inefficient educational machinery that kept the people of New Iowa in near pre-Bolshevik servitude. Upon reaching majority, he began work in Sukhoi-5, it being state policy that families should not all work in the same factory in case of industrial accident. It was when he turned in a co-worker for stealing cigarette rations and trading them on the black market that he attracted the attention of his superiors - it was rare that a New Iowan displayed suitable ideological zeal to report such a minor crime. Surveillance revealed that he consumed Lenin’s works at a prodigious rate, teaching himself the ideology the state apparatus would not.

Escaping the Frontier

Involvement of either the KGB or GRU is suspected, as with no discernible motive, Subikoff suddenly took ship for Mars and enrolled in the Politburo academy. After two years he was offered his first posting, and proved to be an adept and incorruptible political officer in the strelkovy battalion he was posted to. His service record was good, but not good enough on its own to justify his reposting in the 2350s to the then-new First Interplanetary Corps, to a General three times his age. Again, secret service involvement is suspected.

Recent Setbacks

As with so much of his career, it is unknown exactly why Subikoff was removed from his posting to General Brusilov and posted instead to Mars with General Samsonov. Once again, higher involvement is suspected.

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