Third Extrasolar Fleet

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The Third Extrasolar Fleet (Tretiy Vnesolnechniy Flot) is not the largest of the three Russian extra-terrestrial fleets, but it is the newest, the most expensive and by far the most deadly. It contains the three newest Russian ships, two entire corps of infantry, two separate battlecruiser battlegroups, and the largest FTL coreship ever built.

Command and Personnel

Admiral Natasha Ivanova Petrova

Known Ships

The Maxim Gorky

An Army-level Dropship

The Alexander Nevsky (II)

Stalin-class Battlecruiser

The Stalin

Stalin-class Battlecruiser

Known Units

First Interplanetary Corps

Second Interplanetary Corps

  • Contains 4th, 5th and 6th Interplanetary Guards Divisions and the 2nd Shipborne Fast Attack Regiment
  • Commanded by General Tarakh Garonovich Samsonov
  • Currently being re-trained on Mars

Major Deployments and Engagements

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