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A popular series of cartoons produced in the UISA, "Jake Danger, Man of Action" is a half hour long series of episodes with individual plotlines and overarching story arcs that has run for over 400 episodes.


The series concerns Jake Danger, Man of Action, and his racially diverse group of compatriots who work for a covert defence force set an unspecified period in the future wherein all nations have joined in a single world government in response to repeated alien invasion. Jake Danger is rebuilt with augmentation through cybernetics to have increased speed, endurance, and a variety of concealed weapons.


===Jake Danger, Man of Action.=== The Hero of the Show. Occasionally prone to bouts of what could charitably be called denseness.

===K'lex the Conqueror.=== Jake's Arch Nemesis, Ruler of the insectoid Ssthax (most commonly referred to as Bugs by the human stars of the show) who frequently use genetic engineering.

===Skeets, Jake's robotic sidekick.=== Spherical and floating. A common source of humor throughout the show.

===<insert name>=== Jake's attractive, but competant female love interest. Interestingly, <insert name>, has more often saved Jake from danger than vice versa, and appears to be a great deal smarter and more competant than him.

===Dax Janger.=== Jack's even more incompetant clone, created by K'lex to destroy Jack, he appears to have given up evil-doing due to gross incompotance. A practitioner of Konigun Ninjutsu. Some fans have protested the appearance of Dax as he appears to conform to comic book physics, as opposed to the more serious rules of the physical world that all other characters appear to follow. Dax has several times broken the fourth wall by claiming that he is not in fact breaking the fourth wall, but instead able to do these things due to his being a ninja.


  • The Christmas special episode (#326) wherein K'lex discovers the nature of christmas, renounces his conquering ways, and
  • In episode #187, the scar below Jake's right eye switches sides to the left. This is due to an editing concern, where an earlier glitch in the background was discovered only briefly before goign to air. Persistent rumor suggests that a disgruntled employee
  • Although K'lex's species is apparently able to survive under water for extended periods of time - first referenced in episode #8 - It came from beneath, in episode #47 he is saved from drowning by Jake Danger, claiming that his race is unable to survive in water.
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