Konigun Ninjutsu

From Acw

A fictional variation on a martial art practiced by Dax Janger, an evil clone of Jake Danger. It is uncertain whether the incredible ineffectiveness of this martial art is due to Dax's incredible incompotance, or some

At one point in the story, Dax claims to have founded Konigun Ninjutsu after a prolonged period of binge drinking. This appears to be apocryphal as at one point he tries to call one of the S'Sthax his master, who taught him everything he knows. In response to this, the S'Sthax knocks him through a solid stone wall. Some fans, following this, have suggested that it is possible that Konigun Ninjutsu is a perfectly sensible martial art if one is a nine foot tall insectoid alien, genetically engineered for superior strength and reflexes. Some other fans have suggested that most martial arts would be useful in this situation.

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