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"What the Waffles?"
-Xzelion, Chatroom

User Profile
Ranking Sysop
First Edit Piana Syndicate
Moves Hammer, Purple Fire, Metal Cap, Cape, Winged Cape.
Location Glitz Pit
Likes Cheese, Ramen
Gender Male
Rivals Tony Logan. Thomas Logan, Grandma Logan.
Allies Plumber, 3dejong, Beanbean, YellowYoshi398.

Xzelion (a.k.a. The Great Gonzo (to YellowYoshi398 only), Ax, Xz, XX, DX, and Mr. X) is a former plumber turned Champion of the Glitz Pit,his shadowy past is unknown to many. His first appearance he was diguised as Geno and was defeated by Lord Zero. His later appearances involved a cameo in the rescue of Plumber and other inmates. He is allies with many and enemies with few. He holds a rivalry with Woodylogan and his family. He is also the leader of the Black Katanas.

What is known is that he was originally named Xzelion, a lonesome plumber. However, his neighbor (Plumber) went crazy and thought he was in the Mushroom Kingdom. To help his neighbor, he fought in the Glitz Pit to earn money to help his friend.



Xzelion infiltrated the lair of Peachycakes alongside with the other Black Katanas during this confrontation it was revealed the Peachycakes was an entity and had possessed a young girl. After being beaten out of "Taylor" Peachycakes' spirit searched for a new "Host" she possessed Xzelion. During the time he was possessed by Peachycakes he battled many allies and friend, also murdered Tony Logan in a heated duel. He then was confronted by YellowYoshi398 and 3dejong who battled him. YellowYoshi398 successfully knocked Peachycakes out of Xzelion's body. But now Xzelion dying cause or a long exposure to spam. He found one way to save himself. He used the Genetics Alternator or GA an invention created by his brother. The Ga successfully changed Xzelion's body and saved him from near death. He had been transformed him into a Navy colored Yoshi.

Star Wiki RPG 85367795733.png

Great Gonzo is a Playable Partner in the game Star Wiki RPG. He is the first ally to encounter Lady Starbel. Throughout the game they will happen to be best friends and "play"(Battle for fun) with each other alot. During Chapter 3, the gang (Starbel, GG, Smiddle, Toadbert101 and Purple Yoshi.) went to Booster House (LilBooster's House) and asked who The Great Pixl was. LilBooster said: The Great Pixl? Oh that guy, yeah he is the person who holds the 4th Starman. He's pretty hard to handle. And he hates people who wear purple. Then GG was frightened and ran away. You couldn't play as until the end of the Chapter.


HP: 20 Attack: 5 Super Attack: 10 Defense: 2


  • Jump - Jumps one enemy twice doing 5 HP Damage.
  • Masher - Mashes one enemy with a hammer twice doing 7 HP Damage.
  • Charge - Charges an ally or yourself so their attack power is doubled for 4 turns.
  • Super Jump - Jumps on all enemies until you fail the command. Max Damage 100HP. Does 5 HP damage each jump. (Command: Press A at right timing)

The Shadow Chronicles

Xzelion scolding RAP in The Shadow Chronicles.

Xzelion also appears as a major character in The Shadow Chronicles. He was first seen in Chapter 1, where he left Leet Town for two Hours to run some errands. In Chapter 2, when he returned to Leet Town two hours later, he was surprised to see that all the Users attacked him. He was saved by a mysterious User, who told him to go to Uniju's Realm where he would be protected from the Dark Team. The next day, in Chapter 3, Xzelion grew fairly weak and hungry. He noticed a piece of fruit floating in the air, but it constantly moved everytime Xzelion tried to catch it. When Xzelion finally grabbed the fruit, it was revealed that RAP was holding it from a fishing rod, as a means of teasing Xzelion. However, in Chapter 4, RAP apologized to Xzelion, and was then allowed to travel with him to Uniju's Realm. However, just as Xzelion was about to eat the fruit, a light-blue Yoshi, named Ice yoshi, ate the fruit. He chases him down persistantly to a temple, where he had to fight both Ice yoshi and his brother, MarioBros777. During the fight, Xzelion was instantly frozen when he got hit by Ice yoshi's Glacier Beam. Luckily, RAP decided to take over from there, and learned that if he seperates the two, they will be easy to defeat. He defeats both of them, and rescues Xzelion, and Xzelion allows Ice yoshi and MarioBros777 to travel with them after they apoligize. When they exited the temple, a mysterious mage came down, and destroyed an invisble Spy Camera being used by the Dark Team. He directed them to Guestville, under Xzelion's orders, where they were attacked by a group of Police Guests. Nothing else has been shown yet.

User Smash Bros. attacks

B = Hammer
Side + B = Atomic Egg
Up + B = Power Flutter
Down + B = Sunglasses Shine

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