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Nine vastly different Users.

Users are the most common species that populate the Super Mario Wiki. There are no very important characteristics of note about users, who also have no definite appearance and therefore vary greatly in looks.

Whenever someone enrolls in the MarioWiki, they begin life as a User and typically do not upgrade. Users are largely used for the simple work of the Wiki, and can only power up by a Bureaucrat's will. Although upgraded Users were once all Sysops, the far-too-large amount of Sysops recently caused a new Patroller league to be erected; most upgrades now become these (although talk of removing Patrollers has been made). Some Sysops can even become Bureaucrats after awhile and decide which Users would get upgrades next; it is interesting to note that certain Users have also been demoted back to User from various higher positions.

As Users are the main species found in the MarioWiki, they are also the most common characters in various chronicles. For instance, Legend of the Infinite Empire uses Users as its main heroes; the Users in this story are challenged to find and unite the Sysops.

Most of them are shown to live in Leet Town.

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