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Status: If you want to be in my new comic, just ask me.


Hi. I'm Toa Waluigi.


Story 2


"We must destroy the borders of the wikis." said the two Mariowiki beaurucrats. "No," said Plumber," if we do that then we may release the spammers in the Spam Vault." "That is a risk we have to take." said Wayoshi," Besides, it's not like we've never fought them before." "Also," Steve started, "if we don't the other Wikis will delete us and do it any way." "Fine do it," said Plumber angrily," If all those trollers escape it's your fault." Ask Norik's on soon anyway. He was so angry that the bag he was carrying slightly showed the two behind him the stones he had. "They couldn't be-" started the cut of Wayoshi. He wasa cut of by the rumbling. This rumbling meant the seperation of the Wikis. Deep in the Spam Vault. "Our time has come to rule not only the Mario Wiki but everything." said a voice as the entire Vault openned.

Chapter 1

"Hey Plumber I have something to show you." said his friend, Super Mario97.

Plumber went with him 'till they stopped. They stopped at a black Warp Pipe. "Remeber that adventure we had 100 years ago?" SM97 asked, "The one where I died in." "Ya." said Plumber. No one knew just how he came back. Also, it seemed like Plumber had died too but only gotten stuck inside dimensions. He met Max2 who was sent there after Kirby Wiki was destroyed. Ther they plotted out an area which became known as userpedia. But, it was not settled untill 10 years ago by Great Gonzo. But that's off topic.

"Well it seems that only people who on that trip cn see it." Said sm97, "Plus you can be sent to any wiki, interesting huh." "Let's use it!" exclaimed Plumber. Then, pulled Plumber down the pipe. It led him to userpedia. But they noticed something different about it. A thunderstorm was ravaging it. Then, from behind them, a blast came. The blaster had an all to farmiliar "face". "I'm back." said Toa Waluigi.

"I was never dead, just...returned." he said. "Well ths time won't be returned." said Plumber, "But I do wish to know why you seem to be weaker and more cautious lately." "Well isn't the answer obvious!" Toa waluigi screamed out,"There is a thunerstorm going on here right now!" He then threw a King Bob-Omb sized explosion straight towards Super Mario97. Super Mario97 was hit by it, but it didn't seemlike it did much damage. Then, a srike of lightning came down and struck toa Waluigi! He then brought up a wall of energy. Then, another bolt hit Plumber. More spisciffically, the bag he was carrying. When the everyone woke up, seven people there instead of three. three of them were Paper Luigi DS, Great Gonzo, and 3dejong! The most shocking was there were two toa Waluigi's. One was normal. The oter seemed to have an essence of darkness. " It seems the truth has been revealed." said the darker one. "I am Toa Waluigi. Toa of Spam. I fused myself to the original when my master told me, right after he left to find Wikia. And we met and I gave you the Star article. So he wasn't the one who thought up the idea so, who? thougt (well everyone was thinking that). For the first time in 100 years, Toa Waluigi woke up. "Everyone get away now." He said. And they returned to the Super Mario Wiki.


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