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Master Crash

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Master CRash.

Master Crash (formerly known as Super paper luigi and Paper Luigi DS) is the co- owner of the User Wiki. He wears a green Bandanna, green hat, black clothes, and grey shoes and gloves. He considers himself Son of Sun's biggest fan,



Master Crash can be naive, shy, wild, and innocent, he usually won't flame a user unless its a spammer, he first came to the wiki after searching the Wikipedia with his brothers, Silver Mario and Xzelion, after searching the wiki of all its characters, Master Crash had finally joined. Master Crash is a 12 year - old japanese male, Master Crash also is a spriter.


Master Crash has friends and they are:

Real Life Friends

Master Crash also has Real Life Friends.


The Past

In the past plds was known to have 3 friends/allies Agents M, D, Z, as you know he was Agent S (as in Super paper luigi). but no one knows why Master Crash never sees them.

Legend of the Sun

Master Crash appears in his own comic Legend of the Sun as he rushes to the restroom, he confronts Cackletta (later discovered to be Peachycakes,) and loses against her and is sent to the underwhere, Later Son of Suns appears in underwhere as he confronts Son of Suns but once again loses, he later summons Brobot and still loses but not at the hands of Son of Suns, but at the hands of his older self and falls into chemical liquids, after falling into the liquid, Master Crash now possesses the power of stretching his body parts like rubber, telling him hes not strong enough to possess his powers, Count PLUMs sends him to be trained in the art of Karate, after mastering his powers, Master Crash will now try to face Son of Suns once again.

MarioWiki Chaos

Master Crash appears, here being called Super Paper Luigi

Warioman: The Lard Knight

Master Crash as a (FREELANCE bounty hunter) droid bomb.

Master Crash appears in Warioman: The Lard Knight in chapter 7.

Wiki Party

Master Crash has been revealed as a playable character in Wiki Party, his special item is Green Thunder.

Super Smash Bros. Rumble

Master Crash has been confirmed playable in Super Smash Bros. Rumble

User Smash Bros.

Master Crash, along with Arend confirmed as playable character in User Smash Bros.

The Official Wiki Game

  • Master Crash will appear in The Official Wiki Game, QuestPortal, as an assistant of Max2. He is seen in a trailer watching Xzelion, Wayoshi, and Murzon Dice havng 3-way duel in a giant vacuum cleaner. "Glitches" will appear as well, as Master Crash's dark user.

Adventures of the Toa Wakero

Master Crash will become a Toa of Air and wear the Great Mask of Levitation.

Super Wiki Strikers

Master Crash is a captain in Super Wiki Strikers his theme is this.

The Lost Adventures

This section may contain spoilers for The Lost Adventures. Read at your own risk.

Master Crash (referred to as PLDS) is a major character in Uniju's comic, The Lost Adventures. He first appeared in issue #2 during Xzelion's fight with Wayoshi. In issue #3, Master Crash along with Beanbean were in Sysop Tower when it was hit by a laser from a W.O.S.O. gunship. After this, he traveled with Smiddle in issue #4, eventually reaching a tropical area. Between issue #5 and issue #9, Master Crash fights Frijjle. Issue #9 is so far his latest appearance.

The Shadow Chronicles

Master Crash tied up in Leet Town.

Master Crash appears in The Shadow Chronicles, as somewhat of a minor character. He first appeared in Chapter 1, under the name of Paper Luigi DS. However, he got his name changed to Master Crash by Porplemontage at the end of the Chapter. He wasn't seen in Chapter 2, but made another appearance in Chapter 3, at the end of the Chapter. He was tied to some crates, and was found by the mysterious User. Unfortunately, three dark shadows appeared behind the User, and prepared to attack. As to what happens to Master Crash, is unknown.

Super Mario Wiki Adventures

In this comic, He appears in "Steve's Special Day". He is helping LilBooster(along with Bean) find the perfect present for Steve. He Also appears in "Internet Surfing". After LB comes back from the adventure, he hangs out with PLDS and Wayoshi. LB tells them about the adventure.

Purple Yoshi Comics

In the Purple Yoshi Comics comic "Spam Attack", he is one of the users trying to stop the spam. In "Attack of the Mr.s" he is one of the users fighting the Mr.s. He fights Mr. D.

Moves in Super Smash Bros. Wiki & other games

Combination Move name Description Image
B neutral MC Hammer Hits an enemy with the hammer.
B smash Parachute Master Crash pulls out his parachute and hovers to the ground.
B up Fire Jump Punch Launches into the air while an explosion hurls him into the sky.
B down MC Bomb Master Crash turns white and explodes, the longer you hold the more powerful it will be, but if you hold it long enough Master Crash will explode while taking out 5 to 20% on enemy and self. pldsasplodels8.gif
Final Smash Air Strike Summons Brobot and Boss to attack from the sky.
Leap attack Rubberband Recoil Stretches his legs and launches at an enemy, if he misses he falls.
Downwards aerial Belly Flop hops and slides on his belly
Downwards smash Hammer Smash Hops and slams his hammer hard at the ground.
Taunt sayunara Takes of his hat and waves.

User Smash Bros. moves

B = Shock
Side + B = Hammer
Up + B = Parachute
Down + B = PLDS Drill
Final Smash: Tyrannotankus Rex


Master Crash has many abilities, he's able to stretch to enormous height and width, blast electricity through his hands, and wields a hammer, and also has various power - ups.

Relationships with other users


Master Crash usually ask Xzelion for his help with most of his problems and sometimes gets irritated by him as well.

Dry Bones

DB is Master Crash's best friend and is usually Master Crash's partner.



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