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Dice Constellation

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Dice Form

The Dice Constellation is/was a constellation above Mt. Mt. He seemed to be able to talk to Max2 by telepathy, and looked like a starry version of him. Because of this constellation, the Mt. Mt was restricted to Bureacrats only. It was later revealed he was trapped as a star by a curse set thousands of years ago.

Spoilers Ahead

The Constellation was not haunted, but rather, a Dice Person like Max2, put under a curse. He was returned to a Dice Person, but still has a golden yellow color pallette.

Spoilers End Here

MarioWiki Party Adventure

It appears on a ? Space in MarioWiki Party Adventure. When a player land on the space, the constellation scares Max2, the host, into leaving. Thus, the players must go through 4 consecutive turns wihout a host. This means no tutorials or Star locations. the Constellation also appears in his Dice form

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