They move to the bed

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Catelyn nodded in assent, not trusting her voice, then got to work drying Cersei off, a labor that involved paying a great deal of attention to the Queen's lovely curves. This resulted in parts of the Queen getting wetter as Cat's hands rubbed and played with her most sensitive parts. At last, Cersei could take it no longer, and pushed Catelyn onto the bed.

"You horny bitch," murmured the Queen, as she crawled over the prone noblewoman. Her hand darted between Cat's thighs. "You're wet for this, you slut," Cersei hissed, as she rubbed Catelyn's quim vigorously. Catelyn gasped as the Queen plunged her fingers into Cat's wet slit. Cat felt her pleasure peak... and then the Queen paused in her thrusting.

"Beg me to go on, whore," said Cersei, a triumphant smirk on her face.

What does she do?

(Alias the Rat)

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