Catelyn begs for more

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Catelyn Stark craved release, and yearned to be used by such a Royal person, be made their slave.

"Please, your highness," Catelyn begged, panting, "Please let me cum. Shove your royal fingers into me, please I beg you."

"Tsk Tsk. You selfish whore," Cersei scolded, standing on her knees, "You want me to pleasure you, yet you do noting to help your Queen."

"I'm sorry your Grace," Cat apologized, frantically getting on all fours, facing her Queen. Cersei pressed Catelyn's head into her cunt, and ordered her to eat her out. The Lady of Winterfell complied, licking and sucking her majesty's pussy. She delved her tongue in, exploring every fold, every inch of her. Cat hadn't done this in years, decades in fact. The last time had been with Lysa, her sister. Robert's Rebellion had started and she was to be wed to Eddard Stark, and Lysa to Jon Arynn. They wanted to have one more fling before their wedding night, and fling they did.

Cat's daydream's had caused her to slow down, and she yelped when Cersei brought her hand down on her ass. "Don't slow down! You are servicing a royal lady, not some lowborn northerner." Catelyn, embarrassed that she upset her Queen, began licking with renewed vigor. Another spank to her ass further encouraged her, her tongue plunging in, our, and around. Cat sucked on her clit, and it was enough to bring Cersei over the edge. She groaned, squirting into her servant's mouth. Catelyn lapped up the liquid, swallowing every drop.

Cersei grabbed Cat's hair, pulling her away from her snatch. "Very good, for a northerner," she smirked, forcing Catelyn to look at her. "I suppose you want me to pleasure you now, is that it?" Cat nodded, lust filling her eyes. "You really are a little slut, aren't you. Ordering me, your Queen, to give you release. What would you do if I refused, huh? Ordered you to not touch yourself?

Catelyn swallowed, before replying "Then I would wait until you were ready. If that day never came, so be it. I live to serve you, my Queen."

Cersei smiled, knowing she had one. She released her grip, letting go of her slave's hair. "Turn around," she barked, "Present that sweet ass to me." Cat complied, turning around and arching her back, her ass in the air. Cersei delivered a couple hard spanks to her ass before shoving two fingers into her cunt. She rammed them in and out, causing Catelyn to moan, her orgasm swiftly approaching.

"You are mine now, understand," Cersei said, spanking Cat again, "And you will do as I say. Tonight, you will convince your husband to turn down the King's request. He will stay in Winterfell, but you won't. You will also convince him to send you, with your daughter, to King's Landing. To everyone you will be my lady-in-waiting, but really you will be my sex slave. Do you understand what you need to do?" Catelyn was shocked, trying to process all this information. Impatient, Cersei stops fingering Cat's pussy, just as she was about to climax.

"Do-you-un-der-stand?" Cersei asks slowly, her fingers millimeters away from her slave's pussy.

"YES, I DO," Catelyn screamed, so horny she would of agreed to anything, "I will convince Ned. I'll be your slave. Anything, just please, please stick them back in.

Cersei smiled, victorious. "Never again will you presume to make requests of me unless ordered to," she taunted, spanking her hard, "But, since you've been such a good little whore, I guess you deserve it." With that, she roughly shoved her fingers back in. Screaming, Catelyn came, squirting all over her master. Her orgasm lasted a full minute, and she was left panting and moaning like the slut she was.

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