Why beg when you can fuck?

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Cat couldn't help but be a little offended by Cersei's little smirk, and so she decided to wipe it off the Queen's face. She ran her own fingers against Cersei's cleft and then plunged them in. "Why should I ask a slut like you to do what she loves?" taunted Catelyn, as she began to play with Cersei's moist twat.

The Queen's mouth gaped in delight as Catelyn played with her hole. "Oh, you filthy cunt," groaned Cersei, as she began to fuck Catelyn again in response. For a long moment the pair lay there, plunging their fingers in and out of their tight slits. Then Cersei leaned forward and began to lick Catelyn's breasts. Cat groaned as the Queen slobbered over her tits, paying especial attention to her hard nipples.

"Harder," moaned Catelyn, thrusting her hips up against Cersei's hands even as she sped up her own fingers in the Queen's box. Cersei bit lightly at her nipples in response, causing Catelyn to shriek in pleasure. The pair grunted and groaned as they ground their hips against pleasuring hands.

"Oooooh!" groaned Cersei, throwing her head back in ecstasy. "I'm... I'm... cumming! You... you fucking... slut you're making me... cum!"

"That's it!" screamed Catelyn. "Cum for me! Cum for me, you royal whore!" She felt her own hips spasm as Cersei's fingers grew more urgent. "Ohhhhh! I'm... uaaaahhhh! AHHHHH!" The pair climaxed together, their moist juices spilling all over their hands. Cersei collapsed on top of Catelyn, panting wildly.

The pair lay like that for a moment, breathing deeply as they recovered from their frantic coupling. Eventually, Cersei brought her hand to her mouth and began suck Cat's juices from her fingers. Catelyn followed the Queen's example, enjoying Cersei's womanly flavor when a filthy thought entered her head. She offered the Queen her fingers to suck, which Cersei began to do with relish, while allowing Cat to lick up what remained of her own juices on Cersei's fingers. After finishing up, the pair shared a long, lusty kiss, their tongues dueling in each others' mouths. Finally, Cersei rolled off Catelyn and lay on the bed for a moment in silence.

"That was..." she began, after a long breath, then stopped, laughing. She snaked an arm around Catelyn's shoulder and drew her to her side. "I don't think I ever thought I'd meet a lady as horny as I am," the Queen said at last.

"And I don't think I realized how... starved I was," replied Catelyn.

Cersei planted an affectionate peck on her cheek. "You've definitely wasted a way up here in the cold for far too long." She gave a slight yawn. "That said... you reminded me of that royal feast tonight. Now, shall we both get ready for it? Or shall I say I am not feeling up to it, request the sweet Lady of Winterfell to tend me in my hour of need so that you and I may..." The Queen licked her lips sensuously. "Dine here instead?"

What does Cat choose?

(Alias the Rat)

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