Agree to meet Keisha after school

From Create Your Own Story

"Of course," you say with a smile while rising to your feet. Your body is still shocked by the sensations, but you know you will enjoy this.

When you meet her at the front gate, Keisha smiles to you with the same lust from the first time. She guides you to her house. Her parents are out, which grants you two full freedom for this night.

"Well boy, this is my home, so remember who has the control here," she says upon closing the door behind you. "You will obey me absolutely, OK?" she adds, with a non-nonsense look.

"I'm sure you will give me reasons to obey you," you grin back.

"Shut your mouth," she says while you follow her to her room.

She kicks off her shoes and starts taking off her clothes, revealing a sexy black laced bra who barely managed to contain her breasts. As you stare at her, Keisha comes to you and poke you in the chest.

"Stop drooling and go to take a shower," she demands, "or you will not have this," and she playfully cups her breasts. "I want my slave boy to be clean and pretty."

You go to the bathroom. As you close your eyes under the water streams, you smile to yourself. You are a bit tired of following orders, and you think you could teach a lesson or two to this sexy bully girl. After showering, you look at yourself in the mirror while wiping your body with a towel and decide to take the initiative.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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