Discard the towel and return nude to Keisha's room

From Create Your Own Story

You return to her room without more hesitation. She stares at you, seeing you in your birthday suit, a mix of annoyance and lust in her dark eyes.

"You say you wanted to ride this rod again..." you say, smiling while stroking your shaft. It grows in your hand before such a lovely, lingerie-clad girl.

Keisha casually strolls toward you, like a panther.

"You think you can come here taunting me, boy?" she says, with a sultry grin.

"Well, in the school's showers you did not mind," you reply.

"But this is my home," she says, "which means that you are here to obey me." You know she is about to jump you.

"Of course," you say while grinning.

Suddenly she is on top of you on her bedroom's floor. However, you know better and use your strength to flip her. Now you are on top of a befuddled Keisha, who is about to curse when you stifle her by placing your hand over her mouth.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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