Wrap the towel around your waist and return to Keisha's room

From Create Your Own Story

You tie a short bath towel around your waist and walk to her room again.

Keisha is waiting for you in her sexy black lingerie. Upon seeing you, she looks at you and licks her lips.

"Fine," she says and gets near you. "I believe you will be a wonderful slave."

You two are very close, your toes almost touching. Without warning, she starts making out with you. As she invades your mouth with her tongue, your mind turns too steamy to resist, and you let her push you towards her bed. She must notice the prominence under your towel brushing against her skin.

As Keisha lies on top of you, you prepare mentally to do something about it, but she casually reaches a hand to the side of the bed, and one seconds after, you hear a metallic click. You feel something cold around your wrist.

"Keisha? What are you doing?" you say.

But then, another cold contact and another click sounds at your opposite arm. Now both of your arms are secured to the bed by shackles. Keisha then does the same with your ankles to the lower bed posts.

"It will be better for you this way," Keisha says while staring at you with a big, lusty smile. "Trust me, boy, you don't want to go now."

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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