USAS Implacable

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The USAS Implacable is a US Military Dreadnought-class Airship from The New World RP.

The ship was posted as part of the San Francisco Home Defence fleet and is captained by Henry Skarssen (NPC). It has a crew of approximately 700 and has approximately 500 soldiers posted on it. It was involved in various anti-pirate campaigns, though with varying levels of success.

It was involved in the battle over San Francisco alongside the rest of the San Francisco Home Defence fleet, including the USAS Hammer, the San Francisco police and the Raptor, Raven, Falcon, Osprey and The Iron Crow. It is one of 2 military ships to survive the battle.

After the battle, it is told that the San Francisco Home Defence fleet is being relieved and it is to act under it's own initiative. The Captain decides to join the other characters and their ships after witnessing their skills during the battle over San Francisco.

The ship was also involved in The Battle In The Southwest (exact location unknown) where it lost approximately 100 of its 200 specialised 'flight suit' soldiers.

It is also involved in The Battle Over New York, in which it is badly damaged but is still operable. At the opening of the battle the ship is left under the command of Nigel Garrow, Henry Skarssen's second-in-command aboard the ship, who is later promoted to being the ship's captain. The ship breaks the flank line during the battle when it is used as a giant missile by Falko Hendrick Hoogenboome.

The USAS Implacable is accompanied by the USAS Juggler and the USAS Caroline on its search of North and South Carolina.

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