Falko Hendrick Hoogenboome

From Brass Goggles

Falko Hendrick Hoogenboome is 18 and grew up in Amsterdam in Holland. He had some basic schooling and is completely literate and bilingual as he can speak fluent English as well as his native Dutch. After his brief schooling he got a job as a metalworker in a factory to keep him out of the house. His father often mistreated him and beat him all throughout his childhood, often over very minor things. He also kept out of the house by spending time with his friends, who often had to apprehend muggers and other lowlifes. He developed a very strong sense of hatred for such people and now has a very profound view that every man should work for every coin he spends. A friend of his, who he considered as close as a brother, was stabbed in one such fight and, though they won the fight, the friend was clearly on the brink of death. In his last moments, the friend told Falko he had a decent skill and had no future in Holland with his father. Following the death of his friend, he decided to leave Amsterdam to start his own life in the United States of America. He stole a large sum of money off his father and fled into Belgium. He then made his way to France where he crossed the English channel and purchased a ticket in Bristol for a boat to New York in the USA.

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