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The New World is set in 1901 America and details the adventures of a small band of newfound friends that undertake the task of saving America from a mysterious conspiracy.

The game began in Bristol as various Europeans queued to board the last open immigrant ship to the USA. Once aboard, they quickly build friendships so as to have some company in their new lives abroad.

Throughout their time in America they find new companions as they begin to unearth a massive threat to The New World.

For a list of ships that appear in the game, go to The New World Notable Airships.

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[edit] Enemy Information

So far, the characters understand this much about the enemy.

The air fleet is structured as such (from lowest to highest) Deck Hand ---> Gunnery Sergeant ---> Officer ---> Captain ---> Commodore ---> Admiral ---> ???

Most ships simply have a few deckhands as crew that are answerable to that ship's captain (they are too small to need officers). Only larger ships will have the structure mentioned above (up to Captain, no further). Each fleet section is answerable to a Commodore (who will generally be flying with the fleet) and the Commodores are answerable to the Admirals.

In San Francisco the team capture 5th Commodore Berkley (NPC) who reveals some of this information before mysteriously disintegrating.

In their attempt to track down the enemy army they come across a large column of about 4000 of them headed into Texas. The enemy ground forces appear to be angels and 2 different types are seen. As there is much less of one of the two types, the group guesses they are of a higher rank in some way.

When in New York for the second time they hear of a man who could potentially be the source of the angels and head to Massachusetts to investigate and track down the man. The identity of the man is discovered. He is called The Alchemist. He later overseas the ending of The Battle For New York.

Berkley is killed during this same battle and reveals that he is under the command of a certain Admiral Forsythe. He does not know the full reasoning behind their cause but knows they are trying to take North America. Admiral Forsythe is said to be in Nashville, Tennessee. It is implied that he answers to someone even higher, though it is not said who.

[edit] The Story Begins

[edit] The Ship In Bristol

-Falko stands in the queue and observes the world around him while he waits to board the ship.

-Alexandre sees Falko in front of him (the two do not yet know each other) and pledges that the world will know his name someday.

-Vincenc (Cenek) sees Falko and Alex and decides to slip into the queue where they are and briefly introduces himself to Alex.

-Julius, a few spaces behind Alex, is slightly disapproving of the younger Cenek's manner and cautions him while moving Cenek behind him in the line so as to avoid potentially missing the boat.

-Rosalia, doing her best to avoid being seen by the search party she is convinced her father has sent, accidentally collides with Cenek and Alex.

-Luke notices the happenings further forward in the queue and has some brief thoughts about them.

-Arx pickpockets a ticket and moves in line with the others.

The group begins to talk and become acquainted with each other.

-Fergus boards the ship separately from the group.

-Falko escorts Rosie to her room before finding his own, which he shares with Alex.

They split off into separate conversations as they converge on the deck. Alex says his goodbyes to England. Fergus goes to the mess hall to eat. The others eventually do so as well. Arx and Cenek arrange a deal whereby Arx robs various cabins and they split the wealth between them. Luke and Fergus begin talking, which introduces Fergus to the group. Most of them hold discussions about their plans for their future in America. Rosie and Falko hold a conversation on the deck, during which they admit some feelings for each other and they decide to have a relationship.

Once everyone has dispersed again somewhat, a gunshot is heard from the deck. Upon further investigation it is revealed that one man is lying wounded on the deck, having been shot by a kitchen crew member, while other kitchen crew attempt to negotiate and apprehend the shooter. The shooter commits suicide and both he and the wounded passenger are taken to the kitchen rather than the medical bay.

[edit] The End Of The Voyage

A time jump takes place. Upon investigation by Falko it is revealed that the wounded man was never seen again and was killed because he discovered something he should not have known which the kitchen crew know. The events on the deck after the shooting are revealed to be a charade and the shooter was in fact sacrificed to keep the information secret while avoiding arousing too much suspicion. It is also revealed that, as the entire ship essentially bore witness to the shooting, the kitchen staff plan on destroying the ship in New York harbor by overloading the boiler. The post with this information can be found here: [1])

-The group hold a meeting where they decide to get off the boat by stealing a tug, which they would then use to hijack another small ship after 'accidentally' crashing the tug to avoid being caught as they dock. They split into 4 groups. Rosie, Falko and Alex are to steal the tug boat, Luke and Julius are to find the ship's logs and papers in the hope that they may have some further information, Cenek and Fergus are to tamper with the boilers so that they cannot be overloaded and Arx is to find disguises and outfits for them all so they can blend in upon arrival in New York.

-Rosie, Falko and Alex decide that Alex will head to the deck where he will create an argument to help draw away crew from the tugboat station so that Falko and Rosie have less crewmen to apprehend in order to obtain control of the tug.

-Fergus and Cenek go straight to the boilers where they make them impossible to overload intentionally.

-Julius and Luke burn the documents of the group to make them untraceable and steal the captain's logs.

-On the deck, Anna notices Alex, who is posing as a rich gentleman, and decides she should pickpocket him as he seems wealthy.

-Rosie and Falko overrun the tug crew and kiss on the deck on the tug while they wait for the others.

-The group eventually all make it to the tug, minus Arx, and set off. They 'accidentally' sever the rope from the tug to the main ship. They spot a private yacht out in the harbor which they decide will be the ship they will hijack. The team pull up along side it and jump aboard.

-Fergus is the first aboard, where he secures the steering room.

-Cenek joins Fergus in the steering room where he takes control of the yacht.

-Alex is next aboard, he apprehends the men who have reacted and gone to the deck.

-Falko jumps aboard and makes for the first of two crew cabins. He apprehends the men inside but is shot in the left shoulder in the process.

-Rosie finds Falko in the cabin where he is conscious and stable.

-Fergus begins treating Falko's wound.

-Julius sets the tug on a course that will have it crash into some rocks. He jumps overboard and begins to swim toward the yacht but soon finds himself exhausted and about to drown.

-Luke stays on the tug the longest to keep it balanced while the others board. he apprehends the men in the second crew cabin.

-Alex jumps overboard to help Julius but soon finds himself close to drowning as well.

-Falko has a short hallucination where he sees what he thinks are angels. He disregards it as him being in shock. He is soon stitched up.

-Anna raids the owner's lavish cabin before finding Falko and Rosie. She and Falko have a short argument about her way of life and it's unsuitability for the new life the group still wishes to start together.

-Fergus saves Alex and Julius from drowning and sets about warming them up while Luke finds some blankets.

-Falko finds some more respectable clothes so as to disguise himself in the owner's cabin.

The group finally reach the dock where Luke reveals he has a way of wiping the memory of the crew members Alex pacified. The crewmen's memories are subsequently wiped to protect the identities of the group members.

[edit] The Loss Of The Steamship

At the dock, the group hears a very loud 'boom' and look across the harbor to see the ship they had taken to America has somehow been destroyed in a boiler explosion, even though they made such a thing impossible. A strange blue light appears beneath the ship which seems to be a portal. It is drawing in water and dragging the ship and everyone aboard into it. The yacht they are on, which is not tied to the dock, begins to move so the group promptly exit the yacht. Falko is the first to do so and blacks out on the dock after and outburst in which he complains he his freezing cold.

[edit] Falko's Vision

The post detailing this can be found here: [2]

While blacked out, Falko has what he believes is a vision. He looks around and can see lights that seem to represent the people around him and can see an exceedingly bright light where the portal beneath the ship would be where several smaller lights are being snuffed out upon contact with the larger light. An unseen being talks to him and reveals he is in the Aether. In conversation with the entity, he is told that someone is posing a threat to America which is somehow linked to the manipulation of a being similar to the one communicating with Falko. Falko suddenly finds himself back in the real world, though he still feels exceedingly cold.

[edit] Acquiring Abilities

The group is somehow affected by the portal and bizarre things immediately begin happening around them.

-Rosie begins to hear what she believes is many voices talking. A window shatters behind her.

-Fergus begins emanating some smoke and, upon contact with the wooden dock, causes it to smoke too.

-Alex begins to see people's 'Auras'

-Cenek finds several metal objects begin attaching themselves to him.

-Fergus manages to discern that Rosie is hearing their thoughts.

-A mist settles around the dock.

-Anna observes the events happening around her and attempts to rationalise each as she refuses to accept anything 'supernatural' is occurring.

-Julius begins to feel sick and causes a spike of earth to appear beneath his feet. Once upon this patch of rock he does not feel sick.

-A lightning bolt shoots from Falko's hand.

-Fergus manages to separate the metallic objects from Cenek's hands.

-Falko also discovers he can manipulate air pressure and, by extension, temperature.

The group quickly move off the dock where Julius opens a temporary tunnel which the group travel down for a short while until they stop and Julius constructs a small cave which they decide to use as a temporary base. Falko reveals what he has learned in the Aether to the group and they agree to help stop whatever threatens The New World.

Fergus builds a smithing room so they can have some tools and basic weapons while Julius works on keeping the cave structure intact. The group agree to go into the city at sunrise, which by this point is only a few hours away, to try and find anything that may give clues as to what is about to happen in America. The rest of the group decide to get some sleep.

[edit] America

[edit] New York

[edit] Gebbert

The group again decide to split into teams. Alex is to get groceries and other living needs. Falko and Rosie are to observe the city and attempt to glean some information as to what is about to happen. Julius stays behind to work on the cave. Fergus also stays behind to construct some weapons and tools. Anna also stays behind and helps Fergus in the smithy. Luke also heads into the city, as does Cenek. cenek is stopped by some thugs who he quickly apprehends with the help of Fergus before deciding to return to the cave.

Rosie visits a friend of her in the city. Falko buys a newspaper where he reads about an earthquake in San Francisco that only seemed to affect a few city blocks. He walks about the city and some thugs attempt to mug him. he apprehends them and takes their weapons to avoid them going after him but realises he cannot carry the weapons around the city. He enters a pawn shop next to the alley that the scuffle took place in where he sells the guns. In the shop he meets Gebbert Freidhelm, a Saxonian German and the owner of the shop.

Gebbert reveals that the seismograph he has gave a reading that would suggest an explosion rather than an earthquake, despite the happenings during the event itself being synonymous with an earthquake. Sensing he has a lead and has found someone who could be helpful, Falko invites Gebbert to join the group. Gebbert agrees and the two decide the group will go the the shop tomorrow where Gebbert can pack some items into crates.

When he arrives back, Falko realises that in the mad rush of the previous days nobody had noticed that Arx never made it onto the tugboat and would have been killed on the main ship when it was sunk. The group toast his memory and also those of other people they had lost back in Europe.

[edit] The Airship

Upon everyone's return to the base, Falko mentions his meeting with Gebbert and the unusual nature of the San Francisco earthquake. He asks if they will help Gebbert pack his many devices into crates then commandeer an airship so they can travel to the west coast to investigate further.

The next day they promptly head into the city where they find some crates and enter Gebbert's shop. Luke and Gebbert agree to take the crates back to the docks above the base while the others steal a police airship. As the leave, Falko finds a note from Anna in his suitcase informing them that she has decided to leave the group and start her own life in New York.

Julius manages to block most of the exits to the buildings around the airship yard while the others run aboard the ship. falko figures out the basics of flying the ship and, after apprehending a few police officers who try to stop them, they take off. Falko enters the envelope where he focuses on speeding up the ship after he hands control of the airship to Fergus. They arrive at the dock and pack the crates on as quickly as possible. They are forced to blow up a flatbed truck with an autocannon mounted on it. Falko manages to salvage the gun, though he does not manage to salvage any ammunition. With Falko's assistance with the airship's speed they make good ground.

Meanwhile, an American trader and businessman, Reginald Isely, makes a delivery aboard his ship The Iron Crow but is forced to kill the captain of the ship he is delivering to as he refuses to pay Reginald and threatens him with a firearm.

The group on the stolen police ship find a map and some other map-related tools and attempt to figure out where they are. Unfortunately they are unable to do so as Julius spots an approaching airship. Soon, several others come into view and it becomes apparent they intend on attacking the group.

Falko decides to man the useless autocannon to act as a deterrent to any attack but Fergus manages to get the ship's weapons systems working. They open fire on the pirate vessels. Reginald notices the gunfire in the distance and moves in to investigate and potentially assist. He begins shooting down pirate vessels at the rear of the pirate fleet. Falko makes a large leap to one ship and takes it down before returning and deciding to conserve his energy. He focuses his power on stopping and deflecting missiles launched at their ship. The remaining three ships surrender. Reginald boards one to capture it, Julius boards the second and Falko boards the last. Fergus kills a pirate who attempts to board their ship. The three ships are captured. Control of Falko's ship is handed to Rosie so that Falko can get some sleep. Control of the ship cleared by Reginald is handed to Gebbert. Reginald informs them that they are about a day's flying away from San Francisco, much closer than they had thought.

[edit] San Francisco

The group flies on through the night where they become more accustomed to flying the airships. The stolen police ship is named the Raptor, Falko's ship is named the Falcon, Gebbert's ship is named the Osprey and Julius' ship is named the Raven.

[edit] The Battle Above San Francisco

Upon arrival, they land down on a sky port. Seconds after disembarking an air raid siren blares out across the city and they get back in the ships to investigate. Once in the air, they see a large fleet of well over 50 plain black ships are approaching. they are not police or military vessels yet are, from appearances, seemingly a match for the military vessels.

Falko scouts ahead to count the ships, then returns to pass on the rough figure. He then maneuvers himself to flank the fleet before striking out with a large lightning bolt that downs 2 ships. He also destroys a third by making the air pressure within one ship's envelope too high, which blows it apart.

Julius flies forward and boards 3 ships one after the other. He destroys them by drawing up large spikes of rock from the ground below. He then uses the rock pillar to leap back onto his ship where he fires a full broadside at the enemy.

Reginald manages to board one of the larger ships, which he then destroys by firing an explosive round into the envelope.

Alex begins to man one of the Raptor's autocannons and shoots down a ship while he urges Fergus to bring the other weapons online.

The enemy begins to return fire, though mainly against the military vehicles attacking the other flank. Weapons far more advanced than those used by the military are being used by the enemy. Among these is a weapon that fires a wave of white-hot fire that burns down 5 ships at once.

Reginald fires a group of cannons that shoot out a cone of flames which destroys several ships but risks his own ship's safety as the pressure gauge for the weapons begins to show high readings.

It becomes clear that they are outnumbered and the military ships are outclassed but they have the strategic advantage. The group is not outclassed but only because of their powers or, in the case of Reginald and Gebbert, their inventions.

As the battle continues, Fergus boards and destroys 2 ships, which set of a chain reaction that ends up destroying around 8 ships. He jumps back on to the Raptor. The military vessels are inspired by this and renew their efforts.

Falko continues destroying what he can through hit-and-run attacks.

Gebbert has meanwhile been struggling in the Osprey as he can not aim the weapons due to them not being automatic. He is forced to fire wild broadsides which have some success and destroy a few ships.

The ground defenses finally kick in and more ships are destroyed by tracer fire, though most of the salvo's are ineffective as they are better suited to destroying lighter pirate vessels.

Eventually, only their 5 ships and 2 military dreadnoughts, the USAS Implacable and the USAS Hammer, remain, with about 15 enemy ships left. Some of the enemy vessels begin to retreat and, due to there still being other ships and the dreadnoughts being too slow to chase them, they manage to get away.

The team continue their assault and down a few more ships. The Hammer is forced to land due to heavy damage. Falko boards one ship in an attempt to capture one of the ranking officers of the enemy fleet. He discovers the pilot has no mouth whatsoever and is so disgusted by the image that he kills the man and destroys the ship before returning to his own ship where he promptly vomits.

Reginald's ship The Iron Crow is forced to land when one of the enemy destroys the port side engine. He finds himself close to the few buildings ruined in the mysterious earthquake. Falko lands down to assist him and they hook up a cable so Falko can tow Reginald to the sky port. He also learns Reginald's name at last.

Gebbert manages to fly and shoot by hooking up strings to his firing controls. His ship is rocked by an explosion below it causing him to trip and accidentally fire. Unbeknownst to him, his salvo hits an enemy ship and forces it to land. Julius land the Raven to apprehend the crew of this ship and capture someone who they can interrogate for information. As this is happening, one of the dreadnoughts downs another ship. Only 1 enemy ship remains in the air.

Julius successfully speaks with the captain of the downed ship and discovers that the highest ranking officer is aboard the last remaining ship. He warns Fergus, Luke and Alex aboard the Raptor not to shoot the last ship down and begins to make boarding manoeuvres.

[edit] Yuri And Ekaterina

As the battle is beginning, Yuri Ivanov and Ekaterina Volkova separately reflect on the week's difficulties. Though the two do no know each other, they were both in the cluster of apartment buildings that were destroyed in the mysterious earthquake and have been somehow affected by the earthquake in a similar way to the others and the portal, though Yuri has not yet noticed his powers.

Ekaterina (Kat) is confronted by a man who attempts to steal her food. She envisions her brother striking the man down and suddenly, as the vision disappears, the man is in fact struck down by seemingly nothing. She then notices the battle happening in the sky and begins to move toward it. Yuri also notices the battle and decides to follow the girl he sees running toward it, who is in fact Kat. On the way, Yuri asks her who she is, but she does not reply.

Yuri instead greets Falko and Reginald, who had spotted him and Kat approaching. Yuri offers to help while enquiring about the battle above them. Falko lets him help with towing Reginald's ship and makes a not to ask him about helping them on their ships as a deck hand. Kat also boards the ship. Falko assumes she is with Yuri and is not suspicious. She introduces herself once they have landed in the sky docks.

Also upon landing, they spot Bloodbath.

[edit] Jack 'Bloodbath' Axel

Meanwhile, Jack 'Bloodbath' Axel, a contract killer, is waiting at the sky port for a ship he can get out of San Francisco on as he has just fulfilled a contract which required him to kill a mobster named 'The Warlord'.

When the Falcon and The Iron Crow land down he takes the opportunity to get on an airship out of the city.

Gebbert sees the Falcon and The Iron Crow land and decides to land the Osprey just as the sirens and ground defenses fall silent. Falko offers Kat and Yuri a position on the under-manned Osprey. Reginald also offers Kat a position on The Iron Crow.

Falko asks Gebbert to take a look at Reginald's engine so they can repair it and be flying fit once more.

[edit] At The Sky Docks

Julius quickly communicates quickly with the USAS Implacable before chasing down the last ship where he manages to successfully capture the highest ranking airman in the enemy's fleet. He lands down and throws the man on the deck where Falko interrogates him. They find out that the man is 5th Commodore Berkley and he is answerable to 2nd Admiral Forsythe, who is somewhere around Seattle according to the Commodore. Berkley then disintegrates in a bizarre fashion. Fergus then lands the Raptor and greets the 3 newcomers.

The USAS Implacable lands at the sky dock and a man who introduces himself as Henry Skarssen (NPC), the captain of the USAS Implacable. Skarssen informs them that he has been instructed to act under his own initiative as the ruined defence force is being relieved. He decides to join the team due to what he has just seen them do in the battle.

Gebbert figures out what's wrong with The Iron Crow. Reginald quickly makes a repair. He then enters the Raptor's gondola to examine some odd wiring he'd found earlier. He finds it has an odd brass cylinder with Fergus had mentioned could be an 'aetheric telegraph'. Gebbert asks Luke to take a look at the cylinder.

Bloodbath goes into the Raptor's interior where he finds a bed and goes to sleep as he thinks about the shock of watching the Commodore disappear.

Upon inspection, the cylinder appears to be some sort of aetheric device that somehow controls the Raptor's targeting systems and Gebbert and Luke consider finding a way to make it able to increase the range of Luke's extrasensory abilities.

The group restock and refuel before heading for Seattle.

[edit] Seattle

The group, now with the men on the dreadnought accompanying them, fly through the afternoon towards Seattle. Julius enlists the help of Henry Barum, from the USAS Implacable so he can rest while Henry flies the Raven. Upon arrival in Seattle they discover the city has been completely ruined and there is no sign of the 2nd Admiral and his fleet. during the approach to the city Rosie also notices an invisible barrier of sorts that blocks the thoughts of the team who have not yet passed through it. Their thoughts return to her head when they also pass through the 'barrier'.

During the journey, Gebbert has examined the mysterious cylinders, similar to the one on the Raptor, which Luke had taken from one of the downed ships in San Francisco. He opens it up to find odd wires and what appears to be a small grey lump of something that looks a bit like living tissue. Luke does not make any further discoveries upon immediate inspection.

[edit] The Looters

The group decide to search around the city for survivors. Falko and Rosie locates one who is delirious and almost dead who is muttering about Angels and Looters. Meanwhile, Kat is alone aboard The Iron Crow. A group of looters decide to raid the ship. After she uses some bizarre powers she gained during the earthquake in San Francisco they decide to take her and steal the ship, though they are soon apprehended by Falko.

Falko manages to talk with one of the looters for some time who claims that there is an army that is a major threat to the USA. He also says he has kidnapped Kat because they need her to bargain with them, implying that the new army will leave them alone if they have someone with powers to use as a bargaining chip. The looter says the army he saw is headed back south, supposedly toward Texas.

Falko then stuns the man and flies The Iron Crow back where he dumps the stunned body and calls out that they need to leave now and head toward Texas.

Before leaving, Gebbert manages to alter the cylindrical device to make it work for Luke so he can pick up whatever the ship's targeting system was picking up, which was presumably life forms.

Once in the air, Falko informs everyone of why they're heading to Texas and begins to doubt his own ability to fight this enemy.

[edit] Toward Texas

After the incident with the looters, they quickly head toward Texas so as to get a glimpse of the scale of their foe. After a while in the air, Henry Skarssen informs Falko that he has received a transmission from the USAS Hammer saying she is ready to fly and will rendezvous with them in a day or two. A few hours later, Falko spots a moving land force on the horizon. With the aid of a telescope he finds out it is an army of what looks like angels. The ships form a stationary cluster to plan their next move.

[edit] The Battle In The Southwest

Julius suggests they break a section of the force off and destroy that before heading back to New York as Falko suggested.

Suddenly, Falko hears the voice of the aetheric entity that told him of the conspiracy when they arrived in the USA. The being informs him that it is lending him its power so that he can better fight the enemy. After communicating with the being, a large storm begins to brew around them. Julius is contacted by a similar being that does the same and soon he is rendered blind. He swiftly moves to the ground and, though he is still blind, can now 'see' everything around him through the earth. Fergus remembers a voice from a dream of his that tells him he can do several more things, including fly with fire. A being communicates with Alex, though it tells him it is not his time to gain additional powers. Bloodbath steals a necklace with a red gem from an angel he kills and puts it on. After doing so, he manages to rip a hole in time that takes him a few moments back. A being also communicates with Kat lending her its power as has happened to the others. Another being does the same with Yuri.

As the battle looms, Falko soon finds his ship can blend in with the cloud cover and be almost totally invisible.

Soon they open fire and around 500 angels detach from the column to face them. they begin to form a dome around Julius. Falko begins to fire lightning bolts from the sky rather than his hands. The USAS Implacable drops around 200 troops with gliding suits that strafe the angels before landing to fight on the ground. Falko soon breaks the dome around Julius by building up the pressure inside it, dispersing the angels.

Kat's entity communicates with her, telling her to fight. Kat asks Reginald to land her down. Reginald soon complies. Kat, now on the ground, discovers she can, in a sense, turn memories into material objects or events.

During the fighting the box salvaged from one of the enemy weapons by Luke falls of Gebbert's ship and is destroyed by a lightning bolt.

After an extended period of fighting, the angels are reduced to about 100 soldiers.

Many of them come up against angels attempting to land and deal with them in different ways. It is soon discovered that the close-quarters weapons of the angels changes depending on who is seeing it.

Soon, the USAS Hammer arrives and moves in to drop troops after unleashing a full salvo toward the enemy that kills scores of them. Alex is stabbed in the arm by one of the angels aboard The Raptor. The Osprey is also boarded and damaged. Though the boarders are killed, the Osprey appears to be going down. Yuri jumps overboard to fight on the ground and Falko jumps aboard the Osprey so he can stabilize its flight. He does so and they follow the USAS Hammer out of the storm, using its slipstream to make it easier on the ship, and land outside of the storm where they see auxiliary troops from the USAS Hammer setting up an entrenched position to fall back to.

Among the troops dropped by the USAS Hammer are Senior officer Hugo Machus and First Sergeant Mark Peiterson, who is a member of an experimental close quarters squadron. Mark begins co-ordinating troops to flank the enemy and looks for some of the men who have already been on the ground. Approximately 50 enemy troops now remain, though most are the more elite soldiers.

Kat is soon joined by Yuri and the two continue fighting. Kat is helped greatly by her aetheric partner after she becomes too drained to fight of her own means.

Hugo and his men begin firing away and destroy a large number of angels. The battlefield begins to become devoid on enemies, though a few angels are still standing and show no intention of giving up. Suddenly, a second wave of angels, this time only about 200, fly into the fray. Fergus and Julius manage to build a make-shift 'lava cannon' that takes down angels by the score. A particularly devastating sheet of lightning from Falko, who has ridden back to the battle aboard the USAS Hammer downs about 50 of the angels. The battle still appears to be winnable for the team. Gebbert flies aboard a bay in the USAS Hammer so as to find a repair crew that can help him.

However, about 20 meters further forward Mark Peiterson and his men risk being overrun. Falko moves in to help them so they can fall back a little so as to avoid being destroyed in the onslaught. The group fall back and Peiterson and his men get aboard the USAS Hammer while Falko joins Julius, Fergus and Alex along with the other soldiers from the USAS Hammer and the USAS Implacable.

Alex, who has been injured from a glancing blow from an angel's weapon, lands the Raptor and asks if anyone can help his wound. Julius manages to use some hot rocks and the energy from decayed plants and creatures inside it to heal the wound slightly, though it is not completely healed by any measure.

Meanwhile, aboard the Falcon Rosie (NPC at the time) hears an echo of a voice telling her to experiment with her powers, which she had not previously done. She discovers she can move objects and begins hurling objects at the angels while firing broadsides from the Falcon. She manages to kill a few dozen angels with this method. Once more, the battle seems to be drawing to a close. Soon the Falcon is in serious danger but is saved by the USAS Implacable. Rosie then flies the ship out of the storm and away from the now waning battle.

Reginald is injured aboard The Iron Crow. Hugo hears Reginald cry out that he is hit and flies some of his men up to Reginald's vessel to give medical assistance. Falko also flies himself up to stop the ship from being overrun before jumping back to the ground. The men soon mend Reginald's wound and continue fighting.

While the Osprey is being repaired Gebbert sits at his desk and goes to grab one of the aetheric devices from the ships in his possession. As soon as he touches it, the aetheric energy it has picked up from the slaughtered angels floods into him, giving him knowledge of the aether and it's technological applications.

Kat suddenly causes and earthquake which is felt by everyone and kills most of the angels on the ground, the rest join the other angels in the air. The angels soon try to attack the USAS Implacable but are easily dealt with my the ship's guns, signaling the end of the battle. Falko lets the storm clear and they all get back into their various airships to head back to New York.

Bloodbath decides to stay behind to kill the boss of a crime unit that killed his parents. This sub-plot can be found under The New World: Jack's Story

[edit] New York Again

Soon after leaving, Falko inquires as to the whereabouts of the Osprey. Upon checking the ship, he finds Gebbert on the floor of the ship by his workbench. He stays with Gebbert until he regains consciousness and leaves Rosie to pilot the Falcon.

The group head toward Memphis on their way to New York to resupply.

Gebbert comes to about an hour after leaving Memphis and seems in good shape so Falko returns to his own ship. Gebbert has had an odd dream that has somehow made him understand something new. He manages to build an aeheric 'battery' among other things that require power from the battery to be operable. he gets Falko to charge the battery and, after he successfully does so, Gebbert gets the men in the bay of the USAS Hammer that the Osprey is docked in to mass produce them.

Mark has a dream that involves being ambushed by an angel but soon wakes up and is told he has been given leave to briefly visit his parents. He heads off to do so. On his way back he has a flashback to his childhood where he remembers some friends that will be in command of their own ships by now as they joined the air force before he joined the army.

Fergus and Cenek work on the Raptor. They add some weapons and defenses to it and, most importantly, invent a weapon that accelerates a projectile to a high speed that makes it become molten during flight. This weapon is mounted on the bottom and can fire in most directions.

[edit] The Vancouver Crew

The group arrive in New York mid-morning to find an unusually large number of ships around the sky docks. Upon landing, the group investigates what is going on. Mark splits away from the group and goes into the streets. Falko goes into a pub where he meets five independent aviators from Vancouver named Arch, Cliff, Scratch, Kevin and Tommy (All NPC) who he asks to join the group.

[edit] Hugo's New Ships

While in New York, Hugo heads to the nearest military base and requests 7 ships to be placed under his command. The control of the ships is granted and, after filling out an immense amount of paperwork, the ships fly off and rejoin the others.

[edit] Yuri And The Old Man

Yuri decides to buy some knives. purely by chance he finds a hunting store where he overhears an old man grumbling about someone in Massachusetts who has been studying something to do with the aether. though it is a shaky lead, Yuri informs Falko and the decision is made to follow the lead. Mark has also already talked with Falko about returning to his home town of Lowell to meet some other military contacts who could help them.

[edit] Massachusetts

[edit] Lowell

Once the group crosses into Massachusetts, the USAS Hammer takes the lead so Mark can direct them toward Lowell. Upon arrival, Mark heads off to locate the friends he believes will help them. He locates Tom Hutchends, Robert Taylor, Geoff Connolly and Sean Carter (All NPC). Between them they have the use of the frigates the USAS Victorious, the USAS Ranger and the USAS Athena and the gunships the USAS Hunter and the USAS Awakening.

Gebbert has meanwhile been testing the new devices and weapons with positive results.

Once Mark returns, the group head to Boston to look for leads.

[edit] Boston

Upon arrival in Boston, the group have a planning meeting. Between them they have 24 ships. They decide to split into two teams that will each go to 3 cities in Massachusetts and the states around it and regroup in New York in around a week.

The groups are split as follows:

Group 1

-Hammer (Mark)

-Mark's friends' ships

-Raptor (Cenek, Alex, fergus, Kat, Yuri)

-The Iron Crow (Reginald)

-Osprey (Gebbert)

Group 2


-Hugo's ships

-Raven (Julius)

-Falcon (Rosie, Falko)

-Vancouver men

Group 1 begin by searching Salem.

In Salem Kat befriends a young man named John who gives her some information on the possibility of summoning races of beings from the aether.

Group 2 search Boston.

Group 2 discover the name of the man that is most likely summoning the angels, but not his whereabouts. He is named 'The Alchemist'. Group 2 also search Providence where Julius figures out a way he may be able to find The Alchemist but until they regroup and he can use Gebbert's new devices to potentially boost his power he cannot implement his plan to find the man. The group go to search Hartford but are called into New York along with group 1 as a hostile fleet is spotted inbound for New York.

[edit] New York Under Attack

The team regroup in New York where Falko makes a speech on the sky docks that inspires the various airmen and women to combine forces and coordinate a full-scale defense. Falko leaves Captain Henry Skarssen to oversee the planning of the overall strategy. Eventually, the plan is made to go as follows:

The Falcon, Raven, Raptor and The Iron Crow will act as a defensive spearhead that is out in front. The military ships, both those of the team and of the New York military will attack from below and will wait on the ground until the battle starts. The Vancouver men land atop the sky docks and wait until the battle starts. they are to attack from well above. The rest of the pilots at the sky dock are to fly behind the defensive spearhead.

Gebbert is meanwhile using an experimental device to scan the battlefield and coordinate the attack from a makeshift command headquarters. He has distributed devices to the team that allow them to communicate instantaneously.

The battle breaks out and, thanks to the complex strategy and enhanced communications, both sides come out fairly even until the attacking fleet breaks off around 10 pm. During the battle, Falko discovers he is able to create tornadoes, which cause massive damage to the enemy, but he is quickly drained both mentally and physically. Gebbert, who has been coordinating the attack from the ground, instructs a group of ships to screen the USAS Implacable so it can get away as it has taken heavy damage. Among these ships is the Gambier Bay. Gebbert hears the Gambier Bay's last transmission and, after the ship's loss, is haunted by it. Mark is caught aboard a massive carrier that is downed and goes down with it while buying his squad and friends time to escape. He is presumed dead. Sean Carter holds Falko accountable for this but is soon humbled by Falko's rebuttal of his claim.

After the first engagement, Julius, Gebbert and Falko are in a pub when Julius comes up with the idea to stage a surprise attack using only those of them with powers to take out as much as they can while the enemy is recuperating to give them an advantage should the enemy re-engage. He and Falko leave along with Alex, Fergus, Cenek and Rosie to make this attack.

The attack begins successfully but soon causes a full re-engagement. As this happens, Falko manages to penetrate deep enough into the enemy's lines to board a large carrier vessel which he then goes about capturing. Kat is killed during the re-engagement, though her death is not noticed by anyone and her body is never found.

Julius creates a massive mountain from which he continues the fight. However, due to over-straining himself and his powers his mountain collapses and he dies. After his death, he finds himself in the Aether where he communicates with a being who presents a way for Julius to go back to his own world. He has the option of either dying completely or having his being put back in his body but only as the pilot of essentially a shell. The latter option is also claimed to be the most painful thing he will ever experience. After many hundreds of years (due to the odd passage of time in the Aether) Julius decides to re-enter his body so he may continue the fight for America as a whole.

The enemy's strength is severely underestimated and the New York defenders begin to be pushed back. Around this point Gebbert and Falko separately discover that the larger ships are manufacturing new ships as they fly, allowing the enemy to continuously send waves of airships toward the defenders.

Falko re-encounters 5th Commodore Berkley and manages to overpower and kill him. Due to the largely mindless nature of the crew he goes on to capture the ship, giving their side a useful asset as they are now also able to produce ships in bulk, though at a far lower capacity than the enemy. Falko eventually re-boards his own ship the Falcon and is re-united with Rosie. Their moment is soon cut short when a large piece of shrapnel almost slices the ship in to. Falko attempts to fly the twisted hunk of metal but soon crashes and collapses. He wakes up aboard a docked frigate and leaves to recover the wreck of his ship. After doing so, he has no choice but to order a general evacuation of New York and makes the call to fall back and abandon the Sky Dock. Gebbert has already ordered the evacuation as it turns out and the defending force retreats to 'Rally Point Hudson' along the Hudson River. Falko plans to actively defend the hastily assembled AA batteries around New York from the ground as they are at that point the only source of advantage they really have against the enemy and he expects a ground-based attack to disable these batteries.

At Rally Point Hudson Falko sees Jack 'Bloodbath' Axel again, who has finally avenged his parents. Axel had arrived in New York via a strange device he had taken from one of his kills that seems to allow him to travel through time and space to some extent. Axel suddenly disappears again, reappearing elsewhere in New York where he meets an odd man who asks for his help in manning an AA battery. Upon arriving at this AA battery, which seems far larger than normal, Axel soon discovers something is wrong but before he can act on it he is encased in metal and fired out of the cannon.

The shot nearly hits Ela Fairknott, who has stolen a pair of mechanical wings found in the rubble. She kills the owner of the odd gun as she flies by.

As dawn breaks, a few things become apparent. The enemy has managed to flank them and has had bombers out in the city for a short while already. This flanking attack is quickly repelled by Skarssen's contingency plan and a stalemate is achieved at that location. Falko goes about destroying the few bombers still flying around the city. British ships have also arrived in New York, giving the defenders a much-needed boost. The British ships, unbeknownst to the Americans, have some experimental devices and weapons on board. Lines of communication have also gone down, however Rosie is able to give the defenders a form of one-way communication using her telekinesis and the defenders are still able to receive commands from the front line. Rosie also begins to resent the title given to those of them with powers, Specials.

Elspeth MacAlister, a doctor, has meanwhile made her way to the front line at Rally Point Hudson and looks for whoever is head of the medical aspect of the military operation. A massive explosion hits the front line and Mark calls out for a surgeon to help the recently wounded.

Hugo makes the command to form a spearhead to make a counter attack and begins putting together this group of ships. Falko sees the explosion on the front line and guesses it has been caused by a downed enemy bomber that made it through some of the defensive formation. He then spots the spearhead being formed after he has downed the last bomber over New York and sees that they are able to exploit the gap left in the enemy's line by the lost ship, potentially turning the battle heavily in favour of the defenders. As he walks back to the stalemate on the flank he begins to feel slightly depressed but manages to force himself out of the mindset for the time being.

Hugo's ship is downed and he is severely injured, however he is soon found by Ela who returns him to a triage centre. The attack spearheaded by the ship Hugo was on still succeeds and the battle on the front line tips in the balance of the defenders, who soon go about destroying the smaller ships, capturing the larger ships and killing the crewmen dropped to the ground by the enemy.

Falko uses the whole of the USAS Implaccable as a giant missile to break the flank line. The ship is now captained by Skarssen's second-in-command Nigel Garrow who is eager to prove himself. This manoeuvre succeeds in breaking the flank and that section of the battle quickly ends the same way as it did on the front line.

Arch and Scratch manage to board a carrier and capture it. Inspired by them, Kevin and Tommy board a different carrier by landing on top of it and blasting a hole above its bridge. In the ensuing fight Kevin is stabbed by a sword. Tommy still manages to overpower the commanding bridge crew and commandeers the carrier, flying it back to Hudson HQ. Kevin dies upon arrival in the makeshift triage centre. His last sight occurs outside of himself and is of Tommy standing over his body as he drifts into the aether.

Falko discovers a transmission from Boston has been received and that the city has been completely destroyed. He passes this information on to Skarssen who asks him to regroup and search the eastern seaboard for survivors and check which cities have been attacked and which haven't. Skarssen also essentially secedes the portion of army now under his control from High Command, though this is not officially announced to High Command.

[edit] The Eastern Seaboard

Falko signals for everyone to regroup on the Sky Docks so they may coordinate their search of the Eastern Seaboard. Gebbert informs them that most of the 'specials' have been promoted to the rank of Naval Lieutenant and the Falko is a Lieutenant Commander.

Falko is unsure of how to divide the people into separate groups and how to plan where exactly to explore and decides to leave them to decide among themselves. He remembers Berkley mentioning Admiral Forsythe's whereabouts and decides to search there with Rosie while the others search the Eastern Seaboard. He also learns of Kevin's death.

Meanwhile, in Boston Alva has survived the attack and looks upon the ruin of the city.

Gebbert decides to join Falko and Rosie on their trip and Falko manages to get Kevin's old ship, the Harlequin's Wife. Ela arrives at the camp and calls for a medic. Falko takes her and Hugo to the makeshift triage centre but has to leave before he can find out whether Hugo will be alright.

Ela collapses from exhaustion into a chair in the triage centre.

Cenek identifies an oddity in the metal used in the enemy's airships that can be traced back to Texas. He, Julius and Barum head for Texas.

Tommy throws out Kevin's old chair in the envelope of Scratch's ship. The 4 Vancouver men play cards to try and console the grieving Tommy and make no attempt to plan where they will go next. Cliff realises they will have to go back to Vancouver to tell Kevin's family of his death but waits to discuss it with the others.

Mark is grief stricken at the news of the destruction of Boston as he deals with the very real prospect of Lowell, his home town, also being destroyed. He soon manages to keep himself moving, though still very distraught, and decides to head for Boston to search around there.

Nigel Garrow is promoted by Skarssen to the rank of Captain and is given full command of the USAS Implacable. He plans to search North and South Carolina and he hears Fergus planning with some people to search Virginia and West Virginia. He manages to piece together the limits of the search; From Cleveland south to the border of West Virgina then further south to the Carolinas, with the more eastern states of Maine and Vermont being searched only if towns close to them are found destroyed or showing signs of an attack.

The missile encasing Bloodbath lands on a large airship.

[edit] Search And Rescue

(The next events in the following subsections occur mostly simultaneously)

[edit] New York

Hugo comes around just before Ela startles herself out of a bad dream. The two start talking while Ela tinkers with her set of mechanical wings. Hugo is told he will have to stay in the triage centre for at least a week. The two talk for a while when First Private Johnson enters with a note telling Hugo he has been discharged from the US army due to his leading of the destroyed spearhead during The Battle over New York. He then receives another note telling him he is now a part of 'The Freelancers'. Ela attempts to console him over his discharge from the army and Hugo decides to go to sleep before addressing the matter.

Meanwhile, Stanley Hobbs wakes in the rubble of New York after going unconscious during the battle. He reaches the centre of new York where he is overwhelmed by the scale of destruction and passes out again.

[edit] Nashville

Rosie paints over the colourful name on the side of Kevin's old ship to make it less recognisable. Falko spends a while reminiscing, then begins discussing what to do upon arrival with Gebbert. Gebbert says he will try to create something that can scan for any aetheric residue to help them search for Admiral Forsythe. The device nears completion by midnight.

By dawn they are flying over Williamsburg, Kentucky, meaning they will reach Nashville in a few more hours. They soon arrive in Nashville where they intend on hovering over the local Sky Docks so they can use the device without drawing too much attention to themselves.

[edit] Texas

Julius and Cenek requisition the Dreadnought USAS Aurora and some other ships with which they fly off towards Texas. The Raven is meanwhile being repaired in one of the docking bays aboard the ship. Julius resolves to learn how to properly fire a rifle.

A while into the voyage a group of five ships is encountered which the crew of the USAS Aurora do not want to try and fly around as it would add too much extra time to the voyage. The small group of ships is readied for combat.

[edit] Vancouver

The crew stay their first night in Chicago due to unfavourable winds and weather. Arch reflects upon his miserable mood. The 4 of them dread telling Kevin's parents the news of his death.

[edit] Oregon

Yuri Ivanov decides to visit his uncle in Oregon for some advice. however, while he was out with his uncle he was captured by the enemy and conscripted into the army. he decides to sabotage the army from the inside.

[edit] The Carolinas

Garrow gains command of the Frigate-class USAS Juggler and the experimental Corvette-class USAS Caroline before leaving for the Carolinas. On their way to Raleigh they do a flyover of Dover in the state of Delaware as was asked. The city is abandoned but still slightly intact and Garrow guesses the citizens fled and intend on returning to their city later. This is radioed back to HQ before the ships drop out of radio range.

In Columbia, South Carolina, Garrow meets self proclaimed Highest Commander Dexter (Harold Dexter) who does not wish to move his army to New York. The Highest Commander's tactic of entrenchment allowed the Columbian army to win a decisive victory with few losses so they are a formidable force. Garrow gives up and continues his search of South Carolina and, due to Dexter's plan to conduct a similar search, goes all-out and sends every available ship to search as quickly as possible, leaving the USAS Implacable and the Frigates accompanying it undefended.

[edit] The Virginias

Fergus and some other privateers decide to search the states of Virginia and West Virgina.

Meanwhile, the Experimental Dreadnought USAS Demologos II is commandeered by a Captain Hildebrandt straight out of its hangar in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. The ship is near-indestructible and has a vast array of experimental weapons and technologies and had in fact been ordered dismantled under a recent international treaty.

In West Virginia, Fergus is informed of the ship's theft and is warned about the strength of the Dreadnought.

Arabella Jiroux (NPC) contemplates the cost of victory for the people of the state of Virginia and mentions it has essentially become its own self-governed country. She manages to escape from a few rough-looking men on her 'Airbike', a vehicle that uses the same MOFF system used on the USAS Demologos II.

[edit] Massachusetts

Alva Laughing Fox is still stranded in the ruins of Boston after the fleet attacking it left. Mark has meanwhile decided to serach Boston in the hope of finding his parents alive. The search party leaves New York with the remainder of the Boston fleet that fought at New York (15 ships), the remainder of the Lowell fleet that fought at New York (5 ships) and 10 aid ships with doctors, medical supplies and other things necessary for a search and rescue mission (10 ships).

Alva begins rounding up some survivors and, after gathering a group of them, spots Mark's ships on the horizon.

Once landed, Mark announces that they are there to coordinate an evacuation and waits for the surviving civilians to reveal themselves to they may begin the recovery effort. Alva leads the survivors she has found to Mark and his ships so they may be rescued.

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