The New World Notable Airships

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This page lists the airships that appear in The New World RP.


[edit] Character Ships

The Raptor

The Raven

The Falcon

The Osprey

The Iron Crow

[edit] Military Ships

(Classes arranged from largest to smallest)

Dreadnought Class:

USAS Aurora

COVAS Demologos II (Rogue)

USAS Hammer

USAS Implacable

USAS Inferno

Frigate Class:

USAS Athena

USAS Glory

USAS Havoc

USAS Jouster

USAS Juggler

USAS Mercury

USAS Mogul

USAS Nocturne

USAS Ranger

USAS Siren

USAS Victorious

Corvette Class:

USAS Alice

USAS Caroline

USAS Esther

USAS Jacqueline

USAS Jennifer

USAS Lilly

USAS Roxanne

Gunship Class:

USAS Awakening

USAS Hunter

[edit] Other Private Airships


Harlequin's Wife


XXL Please


[edit] Enemy Ships

The enemy ships are not named as far as the story's protagonists can tell. They are built in somewhat recognisable classes.

The classes, from largest to smallest, are as follows:

Super-Carrier class Carrier class Destroyer class Carrack class Gunboat class Fighter class

The Carriers and Super-Carriers are known to be able to produce ships of up to Gunboat class-size on board.

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