The Corsair

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The Corsair (secretly Matthew) lives on a remote island in the middle of nowhere that offers him little opportunity/New Zealand.

He is presently a student in his final year of College (or high school for those Americans) and plans on doing a business degree.

On Brass Goggles he is mainly involved in the Portrayal board, having been a member of The Clutch: The Mad Dash and He Who Lives By The Sword and started The New World (presently the 4th largest game on the board behind Pirate Solidarity and the two Steam London games). He also started The Next Poster Thread which, despite being quite frivolous, has become the 8th largest thread on the forum (again, just behind Steam London...). He fully intends on donating to the site (honest!) as soon as he has enough money to buy him more than his monthly pair of headphones (seriously, how often do those things break?).

He actively engages in pun wars wherever they may crop up on the forum

He also ends his sentences with three dots far too often...

[edit] Persona

Falko Hendrick Hoogenboome

Arthur Edward Gatterweld

Ethan 'Ace' Forsythe

Douglas 'Corsair' Valentine

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