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litalara Fruit is one of the major elements of AC:WW. Fruit grows on trees, and there are several types.

[edit] Town Fruits

As a default, your town will have one "native" fruit, which will be randomly selected when your town is created and will never change. At the start of the game, this is the only fruit that can be grown in your village. This fruit can be sold at Tom Nook's for 100 Bells each. It is also possible (through WiFi play or though your neighbours) to get the other fruits. Exotic fruits (ones not local to your town - this includes coconuts) can be sold at Nook's for 500 bells apiece or planted to grow new fruit trees. Also, there is a seventh type, known as the acorn, which is used only for a special event.

[edit] Types of Fruit

Native Fruits:

Special Fruits:

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