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Trees are a major feature of the Animal Crossing world. Trees grow fruit, harbour hidden items (and stinging bees!) and improve the townspeople's view of the town.

[edit] Shaking Trees

To shake a tree, go up to one with no equipment attatched to you, and press A or touch the tree using the touchscreen. Shaking the tree can lead to items falling out. If a tree contains fruit, three of the fruit will fall out. If the tree does not appear to contain any fruit, several other things may happen.

Several trees every day have bells in them. Shaking fruitless trees may reveal a bag of 100 bells. This bag will count as an item, so you will have to drag and drop it into your wallet to add them to your total.

Three trees every day will have stinging bees in them. Shaking the tree will drop the honeycomb and release the bees. These bees will sting you as soon as they can, leaving your character's face swollen and puffy.

Two trees every day will contain items of furniture. These two trees are chosen at random and change daily.

[edit] Growing Fruit Trees

To grow a tree that produces a particular kind of fruit, you must bury one fruit of that particular type (using the shovel). This will give you a sapling. The sapling does not need watering, but they may wither and die (the process seems to be random). It is possible to ensure a sapling does survive to become a tree by chopping down an existing tree, extracting the roots with the shovel, and then planting the fruit in the location the old tree stood. This gives a 100% survival rate.

Trees will bring forth fruit once every three days. On the day after the fruit is picked, the tree will go red.

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