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Southern Region Convention 2005

Southern Region BBYO is a division of the B'nai Brith Youth Organization located in Georgia and South Carolina. The region is made up of two councils, Atlanta Council which incorporates Atlanta and its suburbs, and Dixie Council, with AZA and BBG chapters in Savannah, GA, Augusta, GA, Charleston, SC, and Columbia, SC.

Most chapters are named for an individual associated with that chapter. The Columbia AZA (boys) chapter, chartered in December 1936, is named for Paul Schwartz, a member who was killed in WWII when the bomber in which he was part of the crew was shot down over Germany. The Lena Karesh chapter BBG (girls), charted in 1948, is named for the wife of Rabbi David Karesh of Beth Shalom Synagogue. In 1968 a second BBG chapter was charted and named for Rabbi Abraham Herson. The RAH chapter only lasted a few years before it was dissolved and members joined the Lena Karesh chapter. The Augusta AZA chapter is named for Elliott Serotta; Daughters of the Covenant is the BBG chapter. In Savannah, the AZA chapter is David Finn and the BBG chapter is Wexler-Clark. The Charleston AZA chapter is simply, CHAZA and the BBG chapter is named Iris Baker.

Each chapter has at least one adult advisor overseeing the programs of the chapter. While it's the responsibility of the youth leaders to plan and execute programs and events, the advisor is there to provide guidance and to keep the members safe.

Each city annually sponsors a dance in which all council members may attend. There are three major conventions each year. AIT/MIT (Aleph-in-training / member-in-training) convention is strictly for new members and for those who have never attended. It's a learning convention where new members meet the council officers and learn about the history, songs and traditions of the order. Spring Convention is a council affair at which new officers are elected. Southern Region Convention (SRC) is held with Atlanta Council, chapters in Atlanta and environs. It's a gathering where individuals and chapters compete in various challenges such as oratory, storytelling, banner, T-shirt, video, etc. It's the only time the two councils get together.

Each city usually has an adult board which oversees the activities of the chapters providing financial support in the way of scholarships to convention and summer programs and providing transportation to and from events. Each board is independent and financially contributes to the budget of Dixie Council. The council employs a Dixie Council director who plans activities and events with the youth leadership.

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