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videlgetvar Dixie Council, a council within Southern Region, is part of BBYO. It is comprised of Savannah GA, Augusta GA, Charleston SC, Greenville SC, and Columbia SC

We currently are trying to start a chapter in Myrtle Beach SC as well as Macon GA. We have about 130 paid members in our council

Council Website: Dixie Council

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[edit] 2008-2009 Council Board

[edit] AZA

  • Godol- Sean Lynch (Chaza AZA)
  • S'gan- Nathan Rubinger (Paul Schwartz AZA)
  • Moreh- Matt Klugman (David Finn AZA)
  • Mazkir- Alex Levy(Elliot Serotta AZA)
  • Shaliach- Daniel Buhdenstein (Elliot Serotta AZA)
  • Gizbor- Ben Brams (Chaza AZA)

[edit] BBG

  • N'siah- Rachel Lourie (Lena Karesh BBG)
  • S'ganit- Molly Kalinsky (Iris Baker Ahava)
  • Aym Ha-Chaverot- Erin Fisher (Lena Karesh BBG)
  • Sh'licha- Allie Pinosky (Iris Baker Ahava)
  • Makirah- Emily Levinson (Lena Karesh BBG)
  • Gizborit- Caroline Eichholtz (Wexler-Clark BBG)
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