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In order for WikiBBYO to grow, we need the help of BBYO members to create and edit their region/council/chapter pages. Starting a new page is simple, click on your region or council. If someone has already started the page, click the "edit" tab to change it. If not, it will bring you directly to the editing page, where you can create the page.

[edit] How To

  • To create a heading with an underline (like the "How To") place two equals signs (==) on both sides of the heading.
  • To create a heading with no underline (for a subcategory heading) place three equals signs (===) on both sides of the heading.
  • To create a link (that will automatically link to an existing page with that name or will allow someone to create that page) place double brackets ( [[ )on each side of the link.
  • For a bulleted list (like this one) place an asterisks (Shift:8) next to each line
  • To Bold text, place three apostrophes on each side of the text (')
  • To Italicize text, place two apostrophes on each side of the text (')
  • You can also use the icons at the top of the editing box to perform these tasks.
  • For an example page, see the Southern Region and Atlanta Council pages.
  • If you have additional questions, email me at
  • You can make a link say something different than what it links to. This is very helpful when you have two chapters with the same name in different regions. To do that make the link with the double brakets, then inside the link use the verticle line (press shift and \\). On the left, put what you want it to link to, on the right, put what you want it to say. Example: [[Exodus AZA (SR-AC)|Exodus AZA]] That will link to a page called "Exodus AZA (SR-AC)" and the link will just say "Exodus AZA". Please do that when creating a page for a chapter that has more than one of the same name in the order.

[edit] Other things you can do to help

Three of the main pages, BBYO, AZA, and BBG, were taken in large part from

  • Help clean it up, because some of it is outdated (i.e., references to the B'nai Brith Youth Organization when it should just be BBYO now)
  • Take out links (remove the double brackets on the edit page) to various random pages that we don't need here on wikiBBYO, but were found on Wikipedia (i.e. "Hebrew," "Omaha, Nebraska", "Judaism", etc.)
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