Eastern Region

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Eastern Region is obviously the dominating force of regions on the East Coast, divided into three councils encompassing each of its respective states:

North Carolina Council (NCC), Dixie Council and Virginia Council (VAC). Dixie Council is South Carolina The region is currently compromised of 20 active chapters and 2 non-active chapters - 8 AZA, 9 BBG, 3 BBYO, and 2 non-active BBYO - in which there are approximately 700 members.

The retiring regional director is Ellen Goldstein (aka "Mama E", and her regional office is located in Charlotte, NC. Ellen is remaining in BBYO, becoming Eastern's area director of community impact. Eastern kids are known for having unusually incredible Regional unity not seen in another council-predominate regions, for being awesome, and tending to compete with Northern Region East for the highest attendance at summer programs of any region in the International Order - often claiming the title. The regional mascot is the lion and its regional colors are red, yellow, and green.

other staff include Ryan Woloshin: Regional Director Lauren Revenson: Associate Regional Director Elaine Denenberg: Administrative Assistant Jamie Bryan and Sara Abadi: Charlotte City Directors Alyssa Samet and Mark Bochkis: Greensboro City Directors

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