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Remember that this is completly non-canon information. If you want to see canon information, try a fansite like NarutoFan Or Naruto Kun.

Uchiha Yuki is the daughter of Uchiha Ranshi, sister of Tobi and granddaughter of Uchiha Madara. She has somewhat spiky snow white hair that falls down to shoulder level, and usually wears a plain white cloak with a hood that she usually keeps down. On the back of the cloak is the Uchiha clan emblem in all black. Under her clock she wears a short sleeved navy blue sweatshirt that has gold buttons in a vertical line down the front, and a navy blue pair of sweatpants. She usually wears a navy blue pair of gloves. On her arms, there are strange line like twisting marking that lead to diamond shapes on her palms that have strange black nubs located at all four tips of the diamond. She is 17 1/2 in Part I.

In Part II, she is now 20 years old, and no longer wears her cloak, instead always wearing a slight variation of her navy blue outfit. Her hair is also much longer now, reaching about half way down her back. After she passes the Chunin Exam in Part II, she begins wearing a dark red vest in addition to her usual outfit.



When born, Yuki was recognised as having the same strange chakra as her grandfather Madara, a fact that Madara attempted to hide from her parents and the rest of the clan. He carefully watched Yuki, and when Yuki began to show signs of enormous potential for power while a young academy student, Madara had her taken out of the academy (A fact that was unknown to her parents until long afterwards) and began training her himself.

The true reason Madara wanted to train her was so he could modify her body using technology to create a worthy succsessor for him, intending to transplant his soul into Yuki's youthfull body to extend his life span, then choosing a talented offspring of Yuki's to implant the technological enhancements into and so on, allowing him to live forever with no decrease in strength. The most noticable implant was the system of spiralling markings on her arms and strange nubs on her palms. These channel chakra through both artficial and natural channels and project them through the nubs, increasing the amount of chakra that can be channeled into one attack, increasing the attack's power by up to 3 times.

However, Yuki became aware of her grandfather's plan and decided to escape. Although Madara tried to make her realize that the process would benefit her aswell, she left the village. After seeing Hunter-nin going after Yuki, Madara presumed her dead and gave up on her, instead planning to use her younger brother Tobi instead. However, after Tobi ran away from home as a child, he was unsure what to do, and seemingly gave up on his plan entirely.

Not knowing what to do, Yuki, as she found being a ninja unchallenging, became a mercenary, performing dangerous and/or illegal missions others wouldn't have the skill or confidence to perform. Eventually she ran into Tobi, who was on a mission for the Akatsuki, and recognised him as her brother because of his chakra. Tobi however, wanted nothing to do with her. After this event, she went back to being a mercenary until she met Tobi as he was heading to meet Madara. She warned Tobi that Madara only wanted to use him, but Tobi, wanting to see hos grandfather again did not heed her warning.

She later appears in the Anime only Land of The Mountains arc, where she was hired to stop Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi from making it over the mountains to the Temple of Mist.

Part II

In Part II, Yuki is first seen still working as mercenary along with her new partner Yamada Kasumi. Later, she discovers that her mother, who she thought was dead was alive and living in the mountains. She then travels and meets her mother, who convinces her to return to Konoha. She is later seen to have become a Chunin, with her team consisting of herself, Kasumi, Chikamatsu Daichi, and their sensei Takahashi Ichirou. Later in the manga she fights alongside Naruto.


Yuki is usually quiet, but she is usually very boastfull, arrogant, and overconfident, often badmouthing others. However, she often will speak up and attempt to steer people away from a path that might result in evil, not wanting what happened to herself to happen to others.

In Part II, she is less quiet and more social, but also less boastfull and more caring.

Notable Abilitys

  • Freezing Fireball: One of Yuki's signature attacks, a light blue ball of energy made of a fire like substance that is extremly cold.
  • Freezing Flame Immense Destruction: Similar to the Freezing Fire Ball technique, but larger and it has the added effect of creating a large explosion on impact.


  • Her team is only the team in the series to have two kunoichi on it.
  • Yuki's name means "happiness" or "snow" in Japanese.
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