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Tobi from when he was in the Akatsuki.

Tobi also known as Uchiha Tobi, is a former member of the Akatsuki, a hermit, and a "Good Boy". He is brother of Uchiha Yuki.



Not much is known about Tobi's past. What is known is that he was a member of the Uchiha clan and lived in Konahagakure. He ran away because people teased him, because he could quickly recover from any attack, so bullys could never bully him. Everyone hated Tobi because he was goofy.

Tobi trained to become a good ninja so he could defeat the people who teased him, training with missing-nin. He joined the Akatsuki by using a fake ID, and got on a team with Deidara after Sasori's death. He respected Deidara, considering him an older brother, and wanted to be just like him. Together they hunted down the Three-Tailed Beast and Deidara defeated it, because all Tobi did was run away and scream "Don't hurt me, Tobi is good boy!". When they got back to the hideout, Tobi bragged and claimed he defeated the beast himself using only one attack, but Deidara disagreed. Because Tobi was younger than Deidara, Pein believed Deidara instead of Tobi.

Tobi, not long before he left the Akatsuki.

Sometime after this, Tobi was summoned to the house of his grandfather, Uchiha Madara, who was dieing, and to save him, Uchiha Madara partially took over Tobi's body. Madara revealed himself as the original founder of the Akatsuki, who Pein had though to be dead. Tobi returned to the Akatsuki hideout and began issueing orders to Pein, refering to himself as Uchiha Madara. Soon after he came back, Deidara was killed. Tobi was greatly saddened, and went to retrieve Deidara's body. Zetsu however, had been sent by Pein to destroy the body.

Tobi and Zetsu fought, and Tobi won, and traveled to the furthest away country he knew of, Norway. He buried Deidara in a hiden place near a gently sloping fjord. He then returned to the hideout. What happened after this is unknown, until Tobi and Zetsu had a dispute, and Tobi left the Akatsuki. Madara then guided him into Space, where they found the Space Colony ARK. Madara and Tobi recovered experiments and technology ownwed by Madara as well as his good friend Gerald Robotnik.

Tobi then returned to the fjord where he buried Deidara and constructed a house there. Recently, Shadow the Hedgehog, who was abandoned by the Federation of Villians washed up at the house and began living with Tobi.


Tobi is a goofy, carefree person who tends to be very formal and proper. He also tried his best to be good ansd not do bad things. As Madara, he has a completly different personality (see below).

Uchiha Madara

Uchiha Madara is Tobi's grandfather. He is around 60 years old. He is also the father of Uchiha Ranshi and Uchiha Mikoto, and Grandfather of Uchiha Yuki. When he was around 10 years old, he was already a outstanding Chunin rank ninja. He wanted to further his powers through advanced technology, and stowed away aboard a G.U.N. supply spacecraft bound for the ARK. While there he became a friend of Gerald Robotnik. He volunteered to test some of Gerald's technoogy to create the ultimate lifeform, and as a result he has a strange, sinister form of chakra that appears black. He then left the colony. To test his skill, he fought and defeated the nine-tailed fox when he was just eleven.

He later married Takahashi Yumiko and has two cildren. Desiring more power, he created the Akatsuki to find and control the tailed beasts to conquer the world. However, sometime later, his second in command, Pein rebelled against him, and nearly killed him with a strange jutsu. However, Pein, a ninja even more powerfull than Madara was permanetly injured by the jutsu, lowering his power and changing his chakra, and he would die if he performed the jutsu again.

Madara was greatly injured by the jutsu, but escaped and hid deep in the desert. He hid until he was near death, and called his grandson, who was to his knowledge his only living descendant. He partially took over Tobi's body. His soul is within Tobi, and he can only take control of Tobi's body if Tobi permits him. Likewise, after he takes control, Tobi can only take over the body again if Madara permits him. Unlike Tobi, Madara is unformal, as well as being very serious and arrogant.


Tobi's house is at the top of a gently sloping fjord in Norway. It is strange and mechanical. There is a toy railway track that goes down to the water, that various animal robots travel on. The animals are "Bird-Kun" who greets people, "Gorilla-Kun" who builds things, and "Bear-Kun" who delivers notes and a variety of other functions. The ceiling can open up, revealiing transport paths for the animal robots and other machinery, such as poles that can grab animal robots and bring them back into or take them out of the main transportation systems.

On the outside, it is a medium sized, dark, gothic revival inspired stone building. It has a strange mechanical bird above the main and only door, which asks the question "Are you a good boy?" before letting anyone in. Whoever wants to enter must answer "Yes" to this question before being let in. The majority of the interior space is underground.

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