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I am Tyler Zahnke. If you read this page any time before February 3, 2016, you may have noticed that this page focuses more on ambient music and less on comedy, but don't worry; my comical personality is still out there! I started composing music around 2003, and I got a Yamaha PSR-275 keyboard shortly after. I played with all sorts of styles of music, such as Hawaiian music and video game music, and made a few tapes, almost none of which exist today. I listened to so much comedy music in 2009 that I decided to write some in 2010. People in the comedy world didn't know my name until 2014 when I posted some songs to The FuMP (Funny Music Project) Sideshow, and DJ Particle and David Tanny both played my "Will You Delete" song (which was already a hit among readers of this website back in 2011). However, I like composing ambient music more than doing comedy; my piece "The Ambient Phases of Life" was on a couple of compilations from Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes in 2015, and I have participated in Song Fight six times from February of 2013 to January of 2015. I am also the owner of media production site Prosomawi Media, and the creator of four games; Magicassette in 2012, Reels in 2013, The Hallway Phantom in 2013, and The Adventures of a Hexagon in 2014. I have appeared on several of FortyOne's 2015 sound collage/mixtape tracks, and in 2016, I'm making my own sound collage mixtape, Choice Samples Mixtape! Since this page was last updated, an amateur tape of my comedy songs, A Very Different Sort of Media, came and went; I hope to rerecord and rerelease it one day! I have a busy life; with various classes I'm taking, and updating these websites, and making mixtapes, and singing songs, and composing music; I love it! I'm a big movie fan, and I've made little flicks with Film Generator, and I plan to launch an indie film label mostly for my own creations, just like the mixtape label I am launching, which will be a subdivision of the label my comedy music will be released under. I plan to submit some of my ambient compositions to a stock music library one day. I have written for several online publications, and I have even done writing for freelance companies. I have gotten words accepted into both the Urban Dictionary and the Pseudodictionary, and I am likely one of very few people that has a copy of Shaye Saint John's album. I love her movies too, but a lot of people have seen those! So that's who I am, and that's how I roll!

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