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Hello, everybody! This is Tyler Zahnke. I am a totally blind musician living in Michigan. I write ambient-style music (for those who know about Imogen Heap, Morcheeba, or many pieces found in stock music libraries, you'll know what that is). I also write comedy songs occasionally. For those who visited my website on July 28, 2015 or before, that is all you saw on my home page, but as I realize that my soul is in beautiful instrumental music, though I will never give up on the parodies. I have only done three live comedy performances in my entire life; a holiday one in December 2010 and a fancy parody bit performance in July of 2011, both at the Wolverine Worldwide Family YMCA, and one in June of 2015 at the Grand Rapids Festival. I have done some even smaller live performances (which sometimes included comedy and sometimes ambient music) for the Grand Rapids Songwriters Alliance, which I joined in July of 2014. I hope to play more live shows, and keep producing music. I'm looking for live shows, so if any of you want an instrumental musician who can play both slow and fast music, contact me.


Apart from my instrumental compositions and my vocal work, I run a technology-related website called Prosomawi Media and I am one of the Nifty Little Seshies, the two session-style musicians who advocate the use of the word "seshie" as a positive word; we Nifty Little Seshies have our own little sound collage series, a game, seshie blogs, and possibly some films on the website loosely affiliated with Prosomawi Media, Mini Nifty. Long live the session musician!

Read more and contact me

If you want to email me, the best address to email me at is programmer651 at gmail dot com. You should also read my blog. I must let you know that this blog uses the email address I used from September of 2007 to June of 2015. If you want updates more frequently, check out some sites I am on that are easier to update for me than this website, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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